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  1. Online courses are expensive, the pace will not up to you. I would strongly recommend self-study, get the MERM (13 ed, make sure you read all relevant chapters) , PPI practice questions, unit conversion book, print out steam tables from the web, and NCEES practice exam (there are some correction to the current version) and you'll be all set. PPI prep. materials (MERM & practice questions) are will written, the practice questions are much harder than the actual exam, which is an excellent thing, (you'll notice when you start working on the NCEES practice exam). Roll up your sleeves and get to work! Good luck!
  2. Glad I knew that I passed before they published the pass rates (TFS)!
  3. Indeed, it's a better idea, especially since these tables are readily available on the web.
  4. Thanks I forgot to mention, I took the two weeks off work, and spent 13 hours/day on average, I've done the same for my FE, it's just with the kids and all of the responsibilities, I couldn't afford to commit my self to 2-3hrs/day for long period of time. Indeed, it was very risky, and it'll put you on the edge, but this was the only affordable option, wouldn't recommend it though.
  5. Congratulations! I've also taken the T&FS this April and passed. I thought the exam was fair. I also strongly recommend the MERM, PPI practice problems, unit conversion book, and NCEES practice exam. I only needed about 2 weeks to study for the exam, nothing else, make sure you read and understand all the relavent MERM chapters (don't bother with most of the HVAC chapters, they are not included). Self-study is recommended, you can control and adjust your pace. Stay away from the newly published T&FS reference book, it's not worth the money, at least the current edition. Stick with MERM (13th) or if you already have Mark's it will do. (Don't take both!) ASME steam tables were very helpfull (practice interpolation before you go)
  6. Aldo87

    PE passers by age.

    I'm 30, and just saw the green PASS (First time).
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