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  1. Happy Test Month

    I studied so much the past few months, but now that its almost test day I'm not sure what I learned anymore. Hopefully I can put everything together these last few weeks while I organize my binders and textbooks with flag notes. Good luck everyone
  2. What was your score for the Civil WRE?

    My score was 40/80 with a score of 61. My guess is the cut score was about 48/80 or maybe even less for a score of 70 to pass Civil WRE.
  3. NCEES Practice Exam Index

    Nice index. So if I order the NCEES practice exam it would probably be from Nov 2014? I felt like I was missing alot of study materials without the latest NCEES practice exam. Did you think it was helpful during the April 2017 exam?
  4. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    My diagnostics report showed that I missed alot of problems that I felt strong on. I need to sharpen up my test taking skills and be disciplined enough to spend a little time to double check answers. I felt like I wasted too much time trying to find solutions for the questions that I had no prayer on. A few silly mistakes in the morning and afternoon could have helped change that red fail box into a green pass box. Good luck everyone for the October exam
  5. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    I looked at my Civil WRE diagnostics and it showed only a 40/80, but my score was 61. My guess is a 50/80 would have passed Civil WRE April 2017 exam. I am not looking forward to the many sleepness nights studying for the October exam.
  6. Thank you, EB!

    I didn't learn about EB until after the April exam, but I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts the past month. I failed this April exam, but I feel like i will be much better prepared for the exam in October. Taking the PE exam for the first time has given me alot of insight on how to approach studying for the exam. I just ordered the Goswami book recommended here. Hopefully I can keep it all together for the exam next time.
  7. Texas results in!!!!

    61 score. Looked like civil water resources got a very generous curve because diagnostics show 40/80. silly mistakes during the exam got me.
  8. Texas results in!!!!

    Well just checked failed. October it is
  9. Texas results in!!!!

    Thanks thats encouraging. Im on second beer. Almost ready to hit ncees page
  10. Texas results in!!!!

    Anyone here felt they failed but passed. I guess there is no involved luck here. I still havent checked results yet.
  11. Texas results in!!!!

    Just started first beer. Maybe next a glass of wine and i can conjure the courage to open the result page. Ive held out 4 hrs already.
  12. Texas Test Results

    Congrats to all who passed. Ill check later in afternoon after i drink a few cold ones. Gotta control the urge to check til then
  13. Expected Results Before May 24th

    Ok so texas not out yet. Ill continue praying. I did dream last night and saw red fail box. Hopefully its not true
  14. Expected Results Before May 24th

    Not sure i want to check results im so nervous. Today seems to be the day!
  15. Expected Results Before May 24th

    OK just refreshed for the last ten times. Nothing changed so I guess it's time to call it a day. Have fun everyone!