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  1. Great idea, forced scenic route?
  2. @vee043324 I'm still recovering from PE hangover. Plus I've got alot of work/projects since passing PE. Spam time is highly limited, but I'll try again this week.
  3. Or its more like I got too drunk congratulating myself. Still in recovery mode
  4. I guess I've been doing alot less drinking since I passed PE, so I haven't spammed much at all
  5. Good time to start putting those Christmas records to use. I picked up some Christmas vinyl at Goodwill for 50 cents a pop.
  6. A little bit quite on this week eh. Lately, I've been trying to listen to classical music on a vintage turntable. Not bad not crystal clear like cd, but the music is relaxing non fatiguing.
  7. I have a few co-workers that took the exam on Friday and I hope my spamming here can push them over the PE hump. I also invited them to this forum, but I think they won't be in agony until after Thanksgiving.
  8. As long as rules are laxed it is very doable.
  9. We might hit 15k in a week at this rate.
  10. I had some of that tiger claw during summer. Perfect drink for the beach.
  11. Its that time of year again. Glad I'm not in agony anymore.
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