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  1. Texas results in!!!!

    Chemical Exam was not too bad. Recommend testmaster's study material. Didn't need to bring Perry's. Morning session took 3 hrs, afternoon was out in 2 hrs.
  2. Chemical exam

    The morning exam was tougher than the afternoon for me. Some questions I did not understand and skipped over them. But I had time at the end to come back and then figured them out. I didn't bring Perry's, which I do regret.
  3. Chemical PE

    The "PE Chemical Reference Handbook" is a great source of material! However, like you said it doesn't cover everything. I recommend these following practice exams, "Chemical PE Practice Exam #1: Full-Length Practice Exam" by Matthew G. "Practice Problems for the Chemical Engineering PE Exam, 7th Ed" by Lindeburg "PE Chemical Engineering Practice Exam" by NCEES