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  1. transportation depth

    You *might* be able to get away with not bringing the HSM but the RDG is a must. I also was told an asphalt book was not necessary but regretted not having one during the exam.
  2. Survey: time spent studying and your result

    I understand why some folks are saying that knowing how much others studied might not be helpful, but I personally pursued info about this to set up my study schedule. I started studying about ten weeks ahead of time with the goal to put in ten hours a week. Some weeks I did more and some weeks I did less or none. I ended up with about 110 hours and spent way more time on breadth doing practice problems. The time I did spend on depth was mostly flicking through references and tabbing areas that I felt might be useful. I found the indices to be pretty bad and I also wanted to be familiar with what reference would be needed for a particular question. FWIW, I had convinced myself I failed before results came out. 110/transportation/pass
  3. States that have Issued PE License Number

    Forgot to mention I'm in Ohio.
  4. States that have Issued PE License Number

    Checked online today and saw that I was assigned my license number. I sent my check in on Tuesday so I was surprised how quickly I received my number.
  5. Why can't we all be like Texas

    I agree with this. I would love to take a look at the solutions for the problems that truly stumped me and see if maybe my reasoning was correct for a few I wasn't sure about.
  6. Why can't we all be like Texas

    Considering that I likely just barely passed, I have no interest in knowing my score.
  7. I actually have a draft started up about this topic as I am also curious about whether anyone actually used their reference materials again. I'm most curious about the Civil Engineering Reference Manual. It's still sitting at home in the office I studied in and I haven't missed it at work yet. Is it worthwhile keeping it? I thought about giving my NCEES practice exam to the next couple of people at my office that are taking the exam in fall but I wrote some rather crude notes in the margins when I made stupid mistakes
  8. Registration Question

    I didn't actually register my EIT status until I took the PE but I had to have it verified and approved by the state of OH before I was allowed to register for the PE and mine still says the same thing. If you take a look at all the results screenshots on the April 2017 board, you'll see that pretty much everyone has that as well so I don't think it actually means anything.
  9. Delaware is in..

    Congrats!!! I would have been going nuts all day seeing the other states getting results!
  10. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    well that's something new. Just when I thought I had this whole scoring thing figured out...
  11. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    Common misconception. I actually read through the entire CERM pre-amble and it explains it in there. From my understanding they determine the number of questions that you must get right to be considered competent and it really has nothing to do with the percentage.
  12. Transportation Results

    I felt very confident going into the exam as I passed the practice exam with flying colors, however, after the exam I felt like I would be right at the cut off but wasn't sure which side of the line I would be on. I fluctuated quite a over the last few weeks and deep down I thought I had failed because the exam just wasn't what I was expecting. I did end up with a pass but I'm still certain it was only by a point or two.
  13. Expected Results Before May 24th

    I got the e-mail and waited a good 3 mins before I could work up the nerve to check.
  14. Ohio Results Are In

    Thank you so much! I hope you aren't kept waiting much longer!! Thanks!!! Congrats to you too! I'm feeling so relieved right now!
  15. Expected Results Before May 24th

    I don't think so. I refreshed mine, still said April 21, 2017, got the e-mail about 30 seconds later and had the result when I refreshed again.