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  1. Yes, you my friend are a P.E. You should stand and Salute like Spiderman being made an Avenger.
  2. ME-HVAC: I was a repeat taker so I didnt really focus on studying concepts. I felt pretty confident I knew the material. I focused mostly on practice problems. Materials for the Test: ME Reference Manual printed and Tabbed. MERM Engproguides Full Test and Reference Manual (Very Helpful) Slay PE - Psychrometrics and Basic HVAC System Calculations for the HVAC&R Exam NCEES HVAC Exam (2016) and Six Min Solution. I worked those problems 10 problems at a time. I think I went through both books probably twice. Engproguides has 80 Questions. I focused on the areas I had difficulty. Morning part was easy. I think I had about 1 hr left with about 2 or 3 questions I just didnt wanna be bothered with. So I guessed those, and spent the rest of the time going over, making sure I actually bubbled in the correct answer. Afternoon was a bit challenging. But I managed to be done with an hour left. The key is to do so many problems that it becomes easy.
  3. Took me a few tries to get it too. Congratulations.
  5. I bet they Dont appreciate you like we do.
  6. No. And what do you care? You passed!
  7. Stop flattering yourselves. Its all because of me. Be Humble
  8. Sorry to hear that. keep on pushing. You got it next time.
  9. More like wait til next month. Seriously.
  10. More like wait till next month. Seriously.
  11. This was my attempt at a Joke to ease the pain of waiting. Apparently, am neither a comedian nor an Engineer. What a waste of life.
  12. God damn Trump. All the Republican States are getting their results first. its one of those conspiracy things, huh.
  13. HIV Test results = 20mins Pregnancy Test result- 5mins P.E Test - Forever and a day. With all the technology in the world, Engineers of America have to wait 30plus days for the results of a test. Aint that ironic.
  14. This shit cannot be good for my heart. I dont think my heart rate can stay elevated for this long.
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