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    Thanks! And good point on having to wait either way since I am in a state that requires 4 years experience. I think I will just need to devote much more time to studying the material than say a civil engineering grad when I am a year out to take my civil PE. I just wanted to gage how others felt about this being a reasonable goal. At this point I can't imagine going into the oil and gas field given the uncertainty of employment.
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    I took the other disciplines FE exam because it was most representative of what I had studied in undergrad. Thanks for the help!
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    Hello all! I just created an account but have been lurking on this forum for quite some time. I recently passed the FE exam and am in need of some advice from fellow PE's and/or experienced individuals. I graduated in May of 2016 with a petroleum engineering degree. After graduation I could not find a job in that field, but was able to get an engineering role with an environmental/remediation company. I took my FE exam in April and passed. I have ambitions to become a fully licensed engineer, however I am unsure if going into a field I did not study in undergrad is the right decision. I am learning project management and work on estimating new projects (mainly remediation earthwork projects), so naturally my work experience would imply I should take the civil/construction or environmental PE exam when eligible. If I go this route, how difficult would the PE exam be for someone like me with little to no geotech, structural, and materials studies? How many of you guys/gals changed fields completely post graduation? I go back and forth in my mind about going for my masters in something more aligned with my current position, but I'd prefer to not go into more student loan debt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.