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  1. Privacylee

    States that have Issued PE License Number

    Received my number from Alabama today. Had to show them the money in the mail and wait impatiently.
  2. Privacylee

    Expected Results Before May 24th

    I know I'm a little late replying to this message, but I also took the School of PE and the transportation exam. I basically echo Kpalframan's response. I felt like I all but aced the morning exam and was scrambling through the afternoon in a mad dash to find answers. . . If only there was a CTR+F feature while taking the exam .
  3. Privacylee

    Survey: time spent studying and your result

    Approximately 200 hours taking the School of PE course and taking practice tests on weekends the month before the exam. Passed Civil/Transportation 1st attempt. Like others have said, It was a lot of work but I certainly would have wished I had studied more if I had not passed.
  4. Privacylee

    PE passers by age.

    Passed at 29 on first attempt. Shameless plug for School of PE. I am curious though, the ones who are 21 +/- a year, are you in a state where you can take the test prior to having the experience requirement to be licensed? I have heard this is becoming more popular. Personally, I took it as soon as I was eligible in my state. Add schooling for a masters degree and a few years working without having a PE to work under and here I am. I do have to say that it was somewhat interesting, albeit difficult, to go back and relearn all of the things I had forgotten how to do since undergrad.
  5. Privacylee

    Transportation Results

    I feel like most situation echoes most of the responses I have read from transportation so far. I think I did really well on the morning exam and the afternoon was an excruciating marathon from one reference manual to the next. By the time I left I was 100% sure that I had no idea whether I would pass or fail. Ultimately I did get the green Pass this morning and I am very happy for it. I do not envy those who didn't make it because a few hours ago I was mentally prepared to open the books back up and start prepping for the fall exam. Hang in there and try again if you didn't make it. I also want to thank this forum for all of their support even though I only recently discovered it and have mostly been a lurker. There seems to be a lot of wisdom on here. . . and more importantly, quality trolling.
  6. Privacylee

    Alabama is Out!

    I got the email 4 min ago too so I guess it was probably about the same time.
  7. Privacylee

    Alabama is Out!

    Refreshing NCEES. . . Thanks Everyone.
  8. Privacylee

    Alabama is Out!

  9. Privacylee

    Expected Results Before May 24th

    Wow. . . That is true dedication. Congratulations!
  10. Privacylee

    Louisiana is in!

    That is so awesome. . . I still don't have results but its exciting to at least celebrate with someone else lol
  11. Privacylee

    KY Results are Posted

  12. Privacylee

    Expected Results Before May 24th

    I don't think Greg's sleeves meet the length requirement. . . Greg should go home and change before returning to work.
  13. Privacylee

    Expected Results Before May 24th

    I have plenty extra if you would like to take some off my hands, then I don't have to feel so bad about not getting any of it done
  14. Privacylee

    Email from BPELSG

    Its so refreshing (here's to you 2% milk) to read about something other than speculation about the release of the 2017 April results.
  15. Privacylee

    Expected Results Before May 24th

    Jeeze. . . I've been reading the threads today and thinking "ok we are getting close and it should be sometime in the next few weeks. . . ive made it this far and now I can try to forget it for a few more weeks," but then you had to go and post empirical data to enforce the idea that its coming really soon. . . Anxiety level = Elevated.