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  1. HAVC question

    Thank you P-E
  2. HAVC question

    There is havc quetion, but I don't have detailed solution, only answer. Would anyone please help to provide the details? Here is the question: "a space is maintained at 75f db/50% rh. The return air has a sensible heat load of 100,000 BTU/HR and a latent load of 40000 BTU/HR.Total outdoor air load is 80000 BTU/HR. The air supplied to the space is 55F db/90% rh. NEglect the fan heat and heat gain from duct system.with a temperature rise of chilled water across the cooling coil of 12 f, the rate of water flow (gpm) is most nearly: a) 15 b) 20 c)25 d)35 thanks
  3. MERM List of Tables for TFS Topics

    Sheshtawy, would you please send it to me? Thank you.
  4. TFS 6ms problems

    Sheshtawy, thank you again for the help!
  5. TFS 6ms problems

    Sheshtawy, is this Fick's law from MERM book?
  6. TFS 6ms problems

    Sheshtawy, you are answer is exactly correct. Thank you for the details explanation.
  7. TFS 6ms problems

    P-E, thank you for the suggestion
  8. TFS 6ms problems

    Thank you for you suggestion. Dr Tom suggested to choose TFS if you don't know which discipline you want to select. This is the reason why I chose TFS. P-E: would you please share your experience with me since you was out of school 20 years and passed. What discipline you took? How long have you prepared exam?
  9. TFS 6ms problems

    Do I need take some review course (I.e. M test master) if I want to pass the exam in October? I already register the exam in October, I am not sure if I can cancel it now.
  10. TFS 6ms problems

    All, I can't find the equition in MERM for the problem 7 in 6 ms of TFS. I have no clue why they use that equition. I am very disappointed after I tried to work on 6ms based on Ramnares's strategy, because I have to read all solutions for each problems. I have no clue for some problem even though I read solution. I think I may need to change my exam date to next year. I have been out of school for 20 years without TFS background. It will be really appreciate to have some suggestions from you. By the why, here is problem 7: The air in one large room is at 70f, 1.0 atm of pressure, and 80% relative humidity. A 50 ft long duct with a cross-sectional area of 2 ft2 connects this room to another at 60f, 1.0 atm, and 10% relative humidity. The diffusivity of water vapor in air is 1.0 ft2/hr. What is the rate of vapor transfer by diffusion between the two rooms?
  11. NCEES Thermal and Fluid Sample Questions

    Ok. Now it is clear to me. Thanks again
  12. NCEES Thermal and Fluid Sample Questions

    Is 180.1btu/lbm and 970.4btu/lbm from 330f table?
  13. NCEES Thermal and Fluid Sample Questions

    Audi Driver, Thank you very much for detail explanation.
  14. NCEES Thermal and Fluid Sample Questions

    hmix = 1/2 (hwater+hsteam)= 681.64btu/lb=180.1btu/lbm +x(970.4btu/lbm) how the formula is derived and how to get the the h value?
  15. NCEES Thermal and Fluid Sample Questions

    any idea where is fomular from in MERM? It seems the solution skipping the details. Thank you in advance!