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  1. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

    Thank you very much
  2. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

    God is good, I passed FE and PE and Surveing first time exept this one! I do not know how to pass it, give me advice
  3. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

  4. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

    Congrats! I failed again, what is your references material you have studied from, please give me your advice to pass this shit
  5. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

    2_nd time failed again😣
  6. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

    Yes, last time I passed Surveying and failed Seismic
  7. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

  8. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

  9. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

    I took the exam on 2 April, however till now there is no news about the result!
  10. Bakheat

    CA Specif Exams

  11. Bakheat

    Surveying exam time was not enough

    Yes I passed
  12. Bakheat

    CA Specific Exams Re-examination

    Thank you, I called the board and they confirmed the request and cashed the fees
  13. Bakheat

    CA Specific Exams Re-examination

    Is there anyway make sure that they received the money and approved request?
  14. Bakheat

    CA Specific Exams Re-examination

    I sent the Re-exam application for Seismic including USPS money order to the board, How do I know if they cached the money and processed my re-exam request?
  15. Bakheat

    Advice for new candidates

    I passed Surveying and fail Seismic..I think the best strategy is how to challinge time..time is restricted