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  1. Great job! What a hard test. Glad we both got good news. Now you can focus on Lateral only.. I'm sure you'll get it when you take it!
  2. YES! Way to go! Hoping I can join you shortly in NV
  3. I think we're gotten 1 Pass and 6 fails so far? I'm about to fudgy my pants.
  4. My heart goes out to you FutureSE. I got a pit in my stomach when I saw your score. So sorry brother. I've felt confident I passed this whole time... Now after seeing your score I'm pretty worried.
  5. FutureSE, I pictured you looking so different. Also, lay off the frosted donuts until after we get the results
  6. And then I said, yeah you're the smart one in the group for doing that! We'll see shortly!
  7. Yes! I sat to your left during Vertical. And you didn't take lateral, correct? Good luck!
  8. I'm Nevada. Reno, actually. Were you one of the other 4 people in the room with me? Still waiting unfortunately.
  9. I'm sorry. That sucks. But close my friend! You got it next time!
  10. I'm literally refreshing this, my email, and ncees every thirty second. Please let this pass soon.
  11. I'm dying. FutureSE, when we getting our results, old friend?
  12. James Purcell may or may not be my uncle....
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