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  1. Why not just do the oldest profession on the side? FutureSE seems like a good stage name.
  2. No, she's playing for the Major league Bocciball Association
  3. Two weeks down. 8 more to go.
  4. Honestly I just used the the same old duffle bag I've been using for years to pack clothes in for trips.
  5. All I used were the STERM, practice exams/problems and the codes themselves. For my studying I first went through the STERM cover to cover, only as a tool for me to learn the codes I wasn't experienced in (I'm only experienced in steel and seismic). After that all I did were practice exams/problems, (PPI Practice Exam, PPI SE Solved Problems, PPI 6-minute problems, NCEES practice exam, SEAOC Vol. 1and Connor's Bridge). For each practice book I'd do all of the problems, and then review the solutions, spending extra time on ones I missed. Then all I brought into the exam were the codes themselves, STERM and Connor's bridge. No textbooks / code refence books. I only used the STERM and Connor's Bridge book less than 5 times. For me, I felt that too much time would be wasted in the exam if I were to use a reference/text book to direct me to the code, rather than just going straight to the code itself. I know I am the outlier here, because the other 5 test takers with me had piles and piles of reference books and such, both on their table and on the floor. It looked daunting to me to have so much material, first thinking about what would be the book to grab on every problem and then finding the book among the library that was brought. I just had my several code books fanned out, none stacked top so I could immediately grab the correct one.
  6. Does everyone agree that, with the grading workshop June 7-8, the expected day is the following Friday, June 14?
  7. I was thinking results will be out by June 10... No? Edit: Just asked Ashlei, she says the SE grading workshop is June 7-8. So results should be out June 14 I would think.
  8. SouthernEngineer - I'd be interested in that myself actually, even though I've already taken the exam. Is this it?
  9. I believe I got that one right as well. 95% sure. There is no question on that exam that I "know" I got right, but maybe I'm 99.9% sure on some of them. In fact, I don't even "know" that life is real. For all I know I'm just a dream in a coma or something. But I'm 99.9% sure that life is real So is that guessing?
  10. So here's what I don't get about NCEES not wanting their secret, reusable, problems to be known. Their reason for doing so (I assume) is so people won't cherry pick and study only problems that they see have been on exams. Okay, this works for new examinees, but then re-testers would have an unfair advantage, because they will likely see problems that they've already been tested on, right? If you say that the re-testers don't have an unfair advantage, then what's the problem with having new testers see problems that retesters have seen? If you say the re-testers DO have an unfair advantage, then that's, well, unfair. I guess Momma always told me life isn't fair...
  11. Just noticed my vertical exam says results pending, but my lateral exam doesn't. Doubt this means anything, but really hope my exam wasn't misplaced! What does yours say?
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