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  1. Sayed,

    I'll buy all your NDS books (specification, supplement, and SDPWS) for $70 if they're still for sale.



  2. cal91

    SE Exam Materials

    Tru2YM, I'll buy both books for $100 if they're still available
  3. cal91

    Critique my Materials

    That's good advice. I'll go ahead and get started on Wood and Masonry. Thanks David!
  4. cal91

    Critique my Materials

    Woah, thank you for the very thorough response! Much appreciated. I'll hold off until November before seriously diving in. Thanks!
  5. cal91

    Critique my Materials

    I'm beginning my studies for my Building exams, vertical & lateral, in April, 2019. Please critique my selection of books I'm going in with and studying from. Note I'm not taking a class, as I learn most effectively from self study / solving problems. Code Standards I already have 2015 CBC ASCE 7-10 ACI 318-14 AISC steel manual + seismic manual, 2010 Code Standards I still need to get (How important are these - do I really need?) AISI S100 & S213 - 2012 TMS 402/602 - 2013 NDS spec & supplement & SDPWS - 2015 AASHTO 7th ( doing Buildings - do I need? ) Reference Material I plan on obtaining (please let me know if you think any of these are not worth it or if there is something else I need. Also, PM me if you would like to sell me any materials) NCEES SE Practice Exam PPI STERM, 9th edition PPI SE Buildings Practice Exam, 5th edition PPI Solved Problems for the SE exam, 7th edition 6 minute - SE Structural Breadth, 6th edition Thanks! Cal
  6. cal91

    California SE Experience Requirements

    I'm a little antsy to take the test and am debating taking the test in Nevada next year, and then applying for comity in CA when I have enough qualifying work experience. That might just be more trouble than it's worth though, especially if CA won't accept that I took the test before I had the work experience. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  7. I graduated in December 2015 with a Masters. I used my 2016 year of engineering work towards my Civil Engineering License, but did not get licensure until January 2018. 2016 (EIT, year counted towards PE licensure) 2017 (EIT, year NOT counted towards PE licensure) 2018 & On (P.E.) Do 2016 and 2017 both count, and I will have 3 years experience in January 2019? Does only 2017 count, and I will have 3 years experience in January 2020? Do neither 2016 nor 2017 count, and I will have 3 years experience in January 2021? Thanks!
  8. All books are like new with no wear and tear. I will pay shipping. 1. CERM - 14th edition - $120 2. PE Civil Structural Practice Exam - $20 3. California Civil Surveying Reference Manual (2017) - $80 4. Seismic Design of Building Structures - 11th edition - $40 5. Civil PE Practice Examination - 6th Edition - $30 6. Seismic Design Solved Problems - 6th Edition - $50 7. Structural Depth Practice Exams For the Civil PE Exam - $40
  9. cal91

    CA Specific Exams

    We're thinking the same thing brother
  10. cal91

    CA Specific Exams

    So annoying. CCards are 3 3/8" X 2 1/8". So this won't fit in my wallet
  11. cal91

    CA Specific Exams

    Is it credit card size or smaller?
  12. cal91

    CA Specific Exams

    I'm still waiting. I had to turn in some court documents from a misdemeanor. I'm expecting to get my number next week. List is up to 88803. Hoping to get # 88888
  13. cal91

    CA Specific Exams

    That update was Friday night
  14. cal91

    CA Specific Exams

    There were 4 more added to the database... We're at 88754 now. Hoping next week my license # will be 88888
  15. cal91

    CA Specific Exams

    I just realized I never found out if I passed the take home... Seems weird the board doesn't notify you if you pass or fail either way