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  1. Expected Results Before May 24th

    If you look at the previous agendas in Nov. 2016, they have a committee meeting Nov 16 which also includes 'Results&Stats". However, they didn't release the results until Dec.
  2. Chemical exam

    I read some of the old threads and it seems like they tell you how many questions in the AM an PM you got right i.e. 30 AM, 21 PM. I also read that someone failed with a 56/80 - which means that they failed even with a 70%.... that doesn't make sense. Would they raise the "cut score" passed 70% if they considered the exam easy??!
  3. Chemical exam

    Does anyone know if they give you a percentage, or if they tell you how many questions you got correct out of 80?
  4. Chemical exam

    Curious to know what others thought?
  5. Chemical exam

    Morning was trickier than afternoon. I had to guess on some of the conceptual questions in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Not 100% confident I passed even though I got reasonable answers bc they could have well been the wrong answers. It was a tricky exam.