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  1. SDB

    Louisiana is OUT!

    It's not out...Fellow Cajun here!
  2. SDB

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    Dreamier, This is a very good assessment of the afternoon test.
  3. SDB

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    I realize that trying to anticipate what the cut score will be is probably an exercise in futility. However, what number are you guys hoping for?
  4. SDB

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    Wow, no comments in almost two weeks...Geez!
  5. SDB

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    Based on the comments posted, it seems most of us are in the same boat. Just curious...How many Geo’s out there think 54ish will be enough to pass?
  6. SDB


    So how is that different as far as scoring goes?
  7. SDB

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    I’ve been trying to recall depth questions so I can research them and get a better idea as to where I stand. However, I can only recall a handful...think my brain is trying to save me from myself.
  8. SDB

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    I'm just gonna roll with the punches...I was just wondering if anyone was going to submit a question(s) for review.
  9. SDB

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    Are you going to contact NCEES to have any questions reviewed?
  10. SDB

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    For the most part I agree with you guys. Originally, I felt like the morning was not nearly as bad as was being said. However, now that I have had time to reflect upon it (which I can't stop from doing), there are definitely 4 questions that I missed that I should not have...This is not including the 5 or so that I was unsure of. Plus, I undoubtedly made a few other mistakes here and there. I am also hoping for 30/40 just as Jimmythedude said. As far as the PM session goes, I have no clue...could be good or bad. Its only been a week and I am starting to stress!
  11. SDB

    Oct 18 PE Exam

  12. SDB

    Geotech Exam 2018 cut score

    Very well said mrs blybrook!
  13. SDB

    This Week...

    You know I can't say...I sincerely wish you all good luck. I know you guys have sacrificed a lot for this exam...so have I. BTW I'm getting nervous!
  14. SDB

    This Week...