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  1. SDB

    Alabama is Out

    Can someone tell me what locations are the PE Exam administered in Alabama?
  2. Congrats...what depth?
  3. Well I wish you the best this time! Long journey for me too (two jobs and four kids).
  4. It is just a gut feeling from someone who has taken the exam too many times...haha
  5. I am not upset that the results did not come out today. The way I look at it, it gives me another day to hold on to hope for passing. Having said that, I do think that there is a good chance that they will be out tomorrow morning!
  6. Yep...its kind of like when the island of misfit toys were waiting to see if Rudolph had told Santa about them!
  7. That is just my opinion based on what I've read. I went back and looked at many of the issues of The Licensure Exchange from the past few years. All of the meetings of this type have been scheduled in advance, obviously. Each fiscal year there is an agenda of things to accomplish and they are scheduled throughout the fiscal year. This months issue talks about things that will take place this year, some of which have not yet been scheduled. That alone leads me to the conclusion that since it has not been scheduled for December, then they have to be referring to the next exam cycle this year (fiscal)...but I could be wrong!
  8. BTW, the control systems standard setting study has not happened yet because it is scheduled for May 2020.
  9. That is an awesome story. Congrats on the baby and hopefully on the results. I think you should give him a nickname based on all of this...why not ask EB for suggested nicknames, it might be fun?
  10. I believe this link should help clear things up. There is a post in there that somewhat explains how they establish the 70% weighted cut score...hope this helps!
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