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  1. I had 29 in the am...but only 17 in pm.
  2. Can anyone who has recently passed PLEASE tell me what references really helped with the depth portion? I have failed the exam several times due to my afternoon performances being substandard. It has been the same story over and over for me each exam...I am really confident after the breadth portion of the exam and really worried after the depth portion!
  3. SDB

    Cut scores

    Civil: Geotechnical: 46/80. (Am 29, pm 17)
  4. This thread is lame!
  5. Two weeks away peeps... I am starting to feel the anxiety building box please Lord 🙏
  6. That’s ridiculous logic...It will be 52 because my personal psychic said so!
  7. For the previous exam, I got the email notification about mid morning while at work. I waited until I got home to look...RED BOX! I wish there was a more subtle way to find out without having it thrust in your face like that...haha
  8. Well happy anniversary. Try to not let the results affect your celebration.
  9. This may not be the appropriate thread but... I'm going to go ahead and call my shot now anyway...Exam results will begin releasing on Thursday May 16th!
  10. I took it last time also. Hard to say if pm was more difficult or not. Hopefully the difference will be my performance on the morning portion this time...idk, but It will be close!
  11. For that you can send in an email...but I think your time frame is about two weeks from test date.
  12. I suppose so...seems like most other disciplines are posting.
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