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  1. Fuck Me. 3rd time taking it and really need to pass. If I fail, I gotta go to the board to reapply for my 4th.
  2. Anybody have some reinforcement and/or structural plans for high rise buildings that I can use? I'm used to seeing land development plans and highways plans for most of my career and was hoping to get into Vertical Construction a little more. I've done searches but can't seem to find any (probably because most developments are private).
  3. @schedengr, did you have any useful resources or practice exams other than eet? I took EET as well, but I still felt like some of the conceptual and other questions were still tricky.
  4. Agreed with you Civil By Day. I did the same thing the morning of the exam. I threw in a old reference textbook just because I had space. It saved me on a couple questions. I guessed on about 5 or six questions too.
  5. Took the construction depth for the 2nd time. What did you guys think and how'd did you think you did? I thought some questions had some big curveballs in there.
  6. Thanks Guys!!! Using your kind words as a motivator to start studying next week. I won't give up!
  7. DC results relased. Failed with score of 44. I feel like a total loser...sad way to start this long weekend. I'll probably be too embarassed to go back to work on Tuesday.
  8. Am I the only one who thought the morning exam was difficult and geared towards Structural and Geotech and no Econo at all.
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