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  1. Almost finished The Haunting of Hill House. I wouldn’t necessarily call it horror, more of a supernatural thriller. The characters are well written and well portrayed. The story flows well without a lot of down time or “filler” in between the excitement. I definitely recommend it if it’s a genre you enjoy.
  2. Bot-Man

    Flat Earthers

    I still suspect that flat earthers are just trolls looking for attention. Nobody can be that ignorant.
  3. Bot-Man


    So did you ever get this solved?
  4. Bot-Man

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I’m trying to figure that out as well. Your post was accurate. The splice needs to be in a junction box. I’m not familiar with the rules nationwide but I’m still willing to bet that it’s code everywhere.
  5. Bot-Man


    I heard back from him. He said his best diagnostic is either a bad connection on one of the cables or one of the cables was pinched while installing. He would check the wattage on reflection to verify this. His advice is to pull new cables. He explained that mobiles usually output 30-40 watts and can come through even with a bad cable. A handheld only puts out about 4 watts which would explain why they aren’t able to get through. He said you could call him for assistance if needed.
  6. Bot-Man


    The systems that were added to the car, are they part of the communications system or unrelated equipment and just causing interference? I ask because normally a high SWR (lower is better) is usually more detrimental to transmission than reception. Now I’m not electrical either and my knowledge comes strictly from playing with HAM radios. I reached out to a friend who installs, programs and services communications equipment in emergency vehicles. I gave him your problem and asked for his two best diagnostic guesses. Probably won’t get an answer till tomorrow.
  7. Bot-Man


    Just curious, what kind of transmitter are you setting up?
  8. Bot-Man


    VSWR and impedance matching techniques by Ain Rehman. Not sure if there is a better one but I have this one on the shelf from when I first got started in HAM radio. Had to google it for the author. Comes up first page on google books.
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    I’d buy a ticket on SpaceX’s next trip to space. Akwooly gave me an idea...I’d buy three tickets.
  10. Bot-Man

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    You mean this one? Lol
  11. Bot-Man

    Ski Season is Around the Corner!

    We went to Breckinridge in Colorado last year for the first time. I liked it but I think Keystone is still my favorite.
  12. I found it quite titillating
  13. Only 6-7 more months to go 😕
  14. Bot-Man

    It's Friday!!!!

    Mine too! ✋
  15. Bot-Man

    Movie thread

    We watched The Quiet Place and Annihilation last night. Quiet Place was pretty good. Annihilation was a bit strange and left some obvious questions unanswered. I would recommend the first but not the latter.
  16. I watched the first two episodes of season one last night. The verdict is still out on it for me. The "process"" is interesting but not sure what direction the show will take once that part concludes and they go "off shore".
  17. I watched the Rain. I always liked post apocalyptic movies and tv shows but the premise of this one was pretty weak and unrealistic. This coming from someone who likes zombie movies.
  18. Watched the Survivalist last night. I have mixed feelings in it. A bleak and depressing movie. If you liked "The Road" you'll like it. If not, I'd avoid it.
  19. Bot-Man

    If you were to die today........

    Though funny not exactly accurate. 😉
  20. Bot-Man

    If you were to die today........

    i think the point is that if you have faith you will naturally have works. Have you ever been in a relationship where your GF/BF said they loved you but didn't act like it? If someone loves you they don't need to say it, you know by their actions. The same is true of faith. Someone that has it doesn't need to say it. It shows through their works.
  21. Bot-Man

    If you were to die today........

    Works to be saved? No, but "faith without works is dead".
  22. Bot-Man

    If you were to die today........

    Yes. John 3:16
  23. Bot-Man

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I'm seeding a couple dead spots today. Scotts EZ Seed patch and repair. It grows pretty well in sun and shade. Just make sure you water it well when you first apply it.
  24. Bot-Man

    Worst Tourist Trap in Every State

    I've been to a few. As someone previously mentioned I too am confused about the Notth pole being a tourist trap. I don't suspect there are many overpriced gift shops there.