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  1. Thanks all for the input. I know it will be a pain but this is the only time the house will be completely empty and i have a hard time spending 5k or more on something I can do myself for a few hundred. Then again I hare even more paying someone to fix what I screwed up.
  2. Has anyone done a DIY resurfacing of hardwood floors? If so, any tips on best practices? I just closed on a 170 year old house with oak floors throughout. Half of which were covered by carpet. 😐 I figured since I have some time on my hands I’d give it a shot but I don’t want to ruin anything.
  3. Along with good health I’ve been blessed by looking much younger than I am. Had one of our clerks flirting with me. The look on her face was priceless when I mentioned that I graduated high school with her dad. 😆
  4. Spending the weekend in Tulsa visiting an old friend and colleague.
  5. Coffee and a banana. ☕️ 🍌
  6. I just watched the series finale of Big Bang theory. It was by far more satisfying than the series finale of GOT. I don’t mind how all the differnt stories and sub plots unfolded. After all it’s GOT, I certainly wasn’t expecting happy endings. It’s just that everything seemed overly hurried for the sake of ending things. They built up the battle with the night king for 7 (?) seasons and it lasted half of one episode and one could barely make out what was happening. Danaryus went from being a savior and breaker of chains to mad queen and torching children in an episode and a half. GOT was an epic series that had a wrap up reminiscent of a cheap, straight to DVD, B- rated movie.
  7. They selected Bran to be king. He agreed that the North would be independent. Who is going to argue with the king?
  8. The entire season seem rushed. Like they were limited and had to wrap everything up. They could have at least gone one or two episodes beyond to give a bit more depth to some of the story lines. All in all though I don’t see how it could have ended any different.
  9. GOT is why i got HBO. No reason to keep it now. I like Westworld but it’s another show with a year and a half between seasons.
  10. All speculation and predictions are about to be answered in 30 minutes. 😬
  11. I suspected the same thing. She seemed fine leaving the civilians alone and was concentrating on the defenses until the bells started to ring. Then you saw the rage on her face and she started to torch everyone.
  12. I assumed he was the one that knew about the passage from the beach to the Red Keep and left the small boat for Jaimie and Cersei.
  13. I heard the same thing. It was referring to this ...
  14. I also think the “King slayer” becomes the Queen slayer. In other words Jaimie kills Cersei.
  15. I predict Arya kills Dany. She will “shut” her green eyes like she shut the Ice Kong’s blue eyes.
  16. Yes. You can bet on the 4,5,6,8,9 and 10. One of them is the “point” so you can bet on 5 of them. $10 each except the 6 and 8 must be multiples of 6 so $12 on those two. $54. $10 on the pass line and $20 behind. Then $40 ($10 each) on the hard ways. Some old time gamblers taught me that method. Last time I was at a casino I walked up to the table with $400. Walked away an hour and a half later with $1200. Then we started doing shots.... i woke up with $200 and no idea where I spent $1000. ☹️
  17. Agreed. Had a hard time making out what was going on with so many dark scenes.
  18. Craps is my game of choice when at a casino. I usually have $124 on the table. I bet $54 across the numbers. $10 on the pass line with $20 behind it on the odds. Then $5 on all the hard ways for me then $5 on each for the dealers. It’s good to get them involved and add to the positive atmosphere. I remember one game where the hard ways just kept hitting. Dealers made about $100 in tips in about 15 minutes. It’s good when you have the dealers cheering the rolls too. I never believed in any of that positive vibe or bad luck stuff until I really got into craps. We were playing once and the dice passed to this one player. I could just tell this was an unlucky fella. I put my $10 on the pass line. The dealer, who new my betting pattern, motioned for my bets. I looked at the dealer and slowly shook my head. He looked at the roller then back at me and nodded in agreement. The guy rolled 3 times before hitting 7. The dice were passed and my bets resumed. Craps players are a superstitious bunch. Don’t ever say “seven” near a craps table. They will scorn you.
  19. I think many will fall. Jon, Danny, Cersei, Jamie, The Hound... all dead. I predict Sansa or Arya end up on the Iron Throne. My two cents:
  20. Watched Black Summer over the weekend. It’s based in the Znation universe but isn’t campy like Z. It’s a lot darker. If you like zombies I recommend it.
  21. The meeting was smack in the middle of a 6 day trip. We’re planning another for June.
  22. I was supposed to be in Vegas right now. Last minute meeting came up scheduled for tomorrow that I can’t miss. No way around it. Have to be there, in person. The missus was great in understanding. She took her mom. They’re getting massages today. ☹️
  23. That’s it. Survey monkey not poll monkey.
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