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  1. The meeting was smack in the middle of a 6 day trip. We’re planning another for June.
  2. I was supposed to be in Vegas right now. Last minute meeting came up scheduled for tomorrow that I can’t miss. No way around it. Have to be there, in person. The missus was great in understanding. She took her mom. They’re getting massages today. ☹️
  3. That’s it. Survey monkey not poll monkey.
  4. It’s been a few years but my last workplace used poll monkey. I have no idea how one compares to the other though.
  5. I definitely will. We’ll be out there the middle of next month.
  6. Mrs Bot just reserved us a trip to Red Square. Apparently they have an Ice room with vodka sampling. Also a couples massage. She wants to take a haunted Vegas tour. Sounds kind of touristy but I’ll go.
  7. Excellent choice. I have 15 boxes of the exact same Ammo.
  8. I’d probably get mauled trying to pet the damn thing.
  9. Received a jury summons a few years ago. I was dismissed though. I had been on a couple dates with the ADA and went to high school with the lead investigator. It was disappointing because I was actually looking forward to a week or two of paid time off being it was a murder trial.
  10. It doesn’t matter how close, how much you all trust each other or what good friends everyone is. It will be a buisness deal so treat it as any other. Have a lawyer draw everything up so all parties are protected if as you say, things go “sideways”. It’s always exciting to grow your buisness. Good luck!
  11. Bot-Man


    I can think of worst last names to have.
  12. This will be my first trip. We’re looking at the week of April 15th. Spending a week. Some craps and room service. We’ll take in a few shows too.
  13. We just started planning an end of March, beginning of April Vegas trip as well. Looking for a long weekend in that time frame to minimize the time off from her work
  14. Almost finished The Haunting of Hill House. I wouldn’t necessarily call it horror, more of a supernatural thriller. The characters are well written and well portrayed. The story flows well without a lot of down time or “filler” in between the excitement. I definitely recommend it if it’s a genre you enjoy.
  15. I still suspect that flat earthers are just trolls looking for attention. Nobody can be that ignorant.
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