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  1. Though funny not exactly accurate. 😉
  2. i think the point is that if you have faith you will naturally have works. Have you ever been in a relationship where your GF/BF said they loved you but didn't act like it? If someone loves you they don't need to say it, you know by their actions. The same is true of faith. Someone that has it doesn't need to say it. It shows through their works.
  3. Works to be saved? No, but "faith without works is dead".
  4. I'm seeding a couple dead spots today. Scotts EZ Seed patch and repair. It grows pretty well in sun and shade. Just make sure you water it well when you first apply it.
  5. I've been to a few. As someone previously mentioned I too am confused about the Notth pole being a tourist trap. I don't suspect there are many overpriced gift shops there.
  6. I don't recall any firings happening. Nor for Ruby Ridge. Not even the Swat sniper that shot the woman holding an infant. Never heard a clear reason for him taking that shot.
  7. We won't have an answer to that until next year.
  8. So do they believe if you go to the edge you can actually fall off? Would one just fall into outer space? I'm still having a hard time grasping that people actually believe this and it isn't an elaborate hoax perpetrated by trolls.
  9. Saw a news story that said one of the engineers reported a crack in the bridge 3 days prior to the collapse. The news was scant in details as far as where the crack was located though. No matter what the finger pointing will be fierce.
  10. If you're the smartest person in the room then you're in the wrong room. - unknown
  11. That's what I initially thought. It was so absurd that it had to be people trolling. Then to my dismay I finally accepted the fact that these people are real...and they breed...and vote. 😟
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Performance enhancing drugs for curling? Yes it takes skill and talent but steroids?
  13. The Mods and Admis here are in the upper echelon of fair compared to most forums I've seen. You guys enforce the rules yet you aren't nazis about it. I think the problem some people have is that most of the Internet is the Wild West where the keyboard commandos can troll with no repercussions. When they come to a place that actually has rules they don't know how to behave themselves.
  14. Visited Lima a few years back. We toured the catacombs. That was pretty interesting. Creepy yet interesting.
  15. Received the first two seasons one year as a Christmas gift. I was hooked. Ended up adding HBO just for GOT. Glad I did or never would have caught West World. A few of us at work discuss it but never the plot, it's always the sci-fi tech and engineering aspect of it. I don't think most people would appreciate the magnitude of what an accomplishment it would be just to give a bipedal robot the ability to walk with a normal human gate let alone everything else required to be passable as human.
  16. Hooked on the show but over a year and a half between seasons which only last 8-10 weeks? Pfft.
  17. I just saw downsizing. (Not my choice) It looked like it may be interesting though so I wasn't opposed. I found it boring. I fell asleep and missed the ending. I was on the road for most of Thursday so that may have contributed. My favorite character wasn't the protagonist or his love interest, it was the obnoxious upstairs neighbor because that's how I felt watching it.
  18. I considered it but thought $350 per coin was artificially high. Then it went to $450 and I thought damn, I shoulda gotten in at $350. I'll wait for it to come back down...well you know the rest.
  19. I would have to agree, it is the best of the 3. Of course when the noobs all get placed on your team.... one game I went 32 and 8 and still lost. 😑
  20. I love my wood stove. Here in Syracuse wood is relatively cheap around $180 a cord for hardwood. Cut, split and delivered. I'm sure Colorado it would cost a small fortune. Don't forget the CO detector. Read a story about a guy that bought a CO detector, took it out of the box and started reading the instructions. He ended up just sticking the battery in it and leaving it on the kitchen table. He figured he would put it up in the morning. That night it went off and saved him and his family. Tragedy avoided.
  21. If this guy wants 72 virgins in heaven he better hurry...Hugh Hefner passed away 😆
  22. A brunette goes into the doctors office completely distraught. She tells the doctor that her entire body hurts. Every square inch. She shows the doctor by first touching her knee. "Oww" she says almost in tears. Then she touches her elbow. "Owwww" She says again this time with tears flowing. She then touches her forehead. "Owwwwww" and she starts to sob. The doctor examines her and runs some tests. He then asks her "You aren't a natural brunette are you?" "No, I'm not" she says. "How did you know?" The doctor replies "Your finger is broken."
  23. The good thing about working for the federal government? It's almost impossible to get fired. The bad thing about working for the federal government? It's almost impossible to get rid of incompetent people for the reason listed above. The fastest way to get to where you want to be is to network with the people that you contract the work out to. Almost everyone I know that has retired from or left government employment had transitioned into doing contracting work for the very offices they left. Usually for large defense contractors like General Dynamics or Lockheed Martin. Defense is where all the money is and therefore the jobs with great budgets.
  24. I had to google inspirobot. I think I found a new way to waste time.
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