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  1. Fantastic, congratulations @waternerd and @jtimothythompson! Happy for you both!
  2. Best of luck to everyone waiting for results! So happy to see so many passing results on here. Keep the streak going enviros!
  3. Woot woot!! Congratulations @environ-prof!!!
  4. Welcome @EngMel! Best of luck with your studies, and we're here if you need anything!
  5. Hah! True. Should have gone to visit Magnolia at some point. Last time I was in Waco was 2013, I don't remember the show being as big just yet...oh well.
  6. We're moving in 8-ish weeks, so Marie Kondo-ing the house. But also relaxation!
  7. Lmao I usually have to convince my husband to go hiking too. But once we go, he enjoys it (or so he says...)
  8. Haha I decided to keep it as a reminder of the ~journey~
  9. Go @JMP1990! Best of luck, we're rooting for you!
  10. My biggest issue with Sansa's character development was her rape and torture by Ramsay. I haven't read all the books, but it's my understanding that this doesn't happen in the books. I understand that there are many plot devices used in the show that didn't happen in the novels, they had a lot of shocking storylines, etc etc but it's weak for the writers to use that as a plot device to strengthen her. She had been through enough throughout the series already without rape and torture to make her ~stronger~
  11. Right? Wouldn't Yara and the Prince of Dorne, and basically anyone else sitting at that table, want independence as well?
  12. I was wondering if Drogon would attack Jon, and then Jon doesn't burn...but yeah, I guess they went with the symbolism instead. I really love Sansa's character development throughout the series. Her coronation was definitely one of my favorite parts of the episode. Yeah, that's a good point about Jon. I'm wondering if he'll be like Mance Rayder and become King beyond the wall...
  15. I agree that the timing was definitely off this season (and season 7 as well). Dany's pivot last episode would have taken at least an entire season to build up to, not a couple of episodes. Definitely mixed feelings about the finale. Didn't see Bran getting the throne. Also mixed feelings about Dany's death - I knew either Jon or Arya would kill her, but still felt emotionally attached to the character after all this time (she didn't even get to sit on the throne!) Her dragon mourning for her was really sad. It was stupid how the dragon melted the Iron Throne but left Jon there. Everything else that happened after that continued to be completely unbelievable - I really think Grey Worm would have killed Jon on the spot instead of taking him prisoner. Jon kind of sucks, so I don't really care if he got sent to the Night Watch. Really happy to see Sansa be the QUEEN OF THE NORTH. She was probably the only other deserving ruler at that point.
  16. :((((((((((((((((((((((((( Until next time spammers!
  17. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't pass. I failed twice. It sucks to see that red box, especially when it seems like everyone else on this board is celebrating. I failed the April 2017 and October 2017 exams. I decided to skip the next exam cycle since my wedding was a week before the April 2018 exam. Honestly, having that break really helped. I was sooo angry and frustrated with myself, but several weeks after my honeymoon, I decided to get started with studying again. The biggest thing you can do is identify your weaker study habits and see how you can improve those right away. My mistake the second time around was thinking I was "close" and not changing much about how I studied. I completely rehauled my study approach the third time around - took a different review course (I'm enviro but took EET - could not recommend it enough). I stopped studying on the couch while my husband watched TV and instead studied at the kitchen table . I worked as many problem sets as I could. By the last month of the exam, I was studying both before and after work. I then tallied my study hours and set a goal that I knew I'd be comfortable passing with. I knew if I could reach the 200 hr mark, that would give me the confidence I needed to walk in the exam and pass. I reached exactly 200 hrs, and phew, finally passed the third time. I would say the best thing you can do is determine a study strategy and be really disciplined about it. Best of luck - I know you can do this!
  18. It's ok! It's just extra crazy right now because we're moving out of state within the next 9 weeks, so trying to get my projects in a good spot before I transfer. But it's all good. Would rather be too busy than have nothing. Hope work slows down for you a bit too!
  19. Yeah I put 10 hrs on my timesheet but my brain is shot. I'm leaving at 6 and will make up the hrs later.
  20. Poor Grumpy Cat She wasn't that old. My pupper is the same age
  21. I don't do much design either at the moment :\ Lots of regulatory report-writing and a wee bit of design for ISCO injections and the like.
  22. Thhhhh so tired today thhhhh happy Friday thhhhh
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