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  1. txjennah PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    I think I've reached the limits of my being a productive member of the society for the week. But gotta keep working. Happy Friday, everyone. Almost there!
  2. txjennah PE

    Life: Pre-exam then post-exam

    HOLY CRAP congratulations on passing with all that going on! That's insane!
  3. So we all know that the test sucked...but anything else about your testing experience that you want to share? Anything funny, frustrating, etc? My husband dropped me off at the exam site Friday morning, and every entrance we drove up to had a locked gate. There wasn't any sign directing us to the correct entrance. We made it to another entrance, thinking that we could finally drive through it, only to find that it was locked, too. It was around 7:30 at this point, and I was trying to quell my panic. Fortunately, there was a gap under the fence and I saw another test taker grab her suitcase, roll it under the gate, then drop to the ground and squeeze underneath the gate. So that is what I did, too. It was so ridiculous that I couldn't help wearing a grin as I stood in line to get checked in.
  4. txjennah PE

    Christmas gifts /

    I have not purchased any gifts yet. I suck.
  5. txjennah PE

    Logged into NCEES this morning

    LMAO me too.
  6. No CERM , No Reference books , No Solved Problems Hmmm...good luck.
  7. txjennah PE

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    Yep, I received an email Friday morning with my license number and the paperwork I need to submit with the stamp.
  8. txjennah PE

    ppi2pass with Kunal Patel

    I did EET for enviro too!
  9. txjennah PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    Thank you @knight1fox3, glad to be on the other side now!
  10. txjennah PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    Thank you @leggo PE
  11. txjennah PE

    Texas Results

    LOL yes I suppose so! Though I might keep it there, to ~remind me where I came from~
  12. txjennah PE

    Texas Results

    I'm waiting to order as well. At work I go by both my maiden and husband's last name, but I ::cough:: haven't legally changed my name yet. Waiting to hear a call back from compliance to see what I need to do. Don't want to start Day 2 as a licensed engineer by already breaking the rules! Hahaha!
  13. txjennah PE

    Texas Results

    Freaking crazy to see my name there.
  14. txjennah PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    Well, found out I finally passed the PE yesterday and Husband received a job offer this morning. THIS IS THE WORST WEEKEND TO HAVE FIELD WORK. "That's liiiiiiiiiiife" Happy Friday y'all! Looking forward to my weekend...next weekend
  15. txjennah PE

    Thank you RBHeadge PE!!!

    I can't add reactions anymore today, sad face, but- YES. Huge thank you to @RBHeadge PE, @leggo PE, and countless others on this forum who have helped so many of us through this insanity.
  16. txjennah PE

    Oct 2018 Environmental

    Thank you so much ❤️
  17. txjennah PE

    Oct 2018 Environmental

    My best advice would be to work through as many practice problems as you can, all while familiarizing yourself with the manual. CBT will still be tough, but my guess is the test will not be quite *as* broad since you won't have all the references to bring in. It may be good to wait a bit until after CBT is implemented so you can see what other's experiences were, and for prep courses to tailor their materials to a CBT focus.
  18. txjennah PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  19. txjennah PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  20. txjennah PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  21. txjennah PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  22. txjennah PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  23. txjennah PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  24. txjennah PE

    When You Should Add PE After Your Name

    Hmm too bad I don't remember my password to my ECHO account to login
  25. txjennah PE

    Pass Rates Updated NCEES

    It's definitely a good resource, and I brought it with me to the exam; but the P&P exam is so broad that it definitely was not the only resource I used on exam day.