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  1. So we all know that the test sucked...but anything else about your testing experience that you want to share? Anything funny, frustrating, etc? My husband dropped me off at the exam site Friday morning, and every entrance we drove up to had a locked gate. There wasn't any sign directing us to the correct entrance. We made it to another entrance, thinking that we could finally drive through it, only to find that it was locked, too. It was around 7:30 at this point, and I was trying to quell my panic. Fortunately, there was a gap under the fence and I saw another test taker grab her suitcase, roll it under the gate, then drop to the ground and squeeze underneath the gate. So that is what I did, too. It was so ridiculous that I couldn't help wearing a grin as I stood in line to get checked in.
  2. txjennah PE

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    I finally passed! Best of luck with CBT.
  3. Our Environmental board is so quiet! For those of you taking the October 2018 exam, how are things going? Making good progress with your studying? I've been studying. So far I feel like I have a better grasp on concepts (I guess I should, if this is my third time, right?) But still worried about air
  4. txjennah PE

    Best review courses to take?

    Hello! It depends where you're at with the material, how much you use it day to day, etc. SoPE is good if you need a broad review, but if you need a more in-depth review of the material, it may not be your best. If you're strong in air and weak with water, I'd recommend EET. I took the EET course since I was also very weak with water - you get tons of practice problems, exams, and in-depth reviews. I really think that course helped me pass. It also overlaps a bit with material from remediation (i.e. aquifers, wells, drawdown, etc). As far as practice problems, I used SoPE practice problems, EET problems, and problems from the Cooper/Alley textbook. I also did the NCEES practice exams, the book of Schneiter practice exams, and the practice problems from Schneiter. I didn't bother with the PPI practice problems since they're not very representative of the exam. I agree with @kncumber that effort is most important! Best of luck with your studies.
  5. txjennah PE

    runner fights off mountain lion attack...

    "Under no circumstances should you turn your back and run, as this may trigger the cat’s chase instinct." Oh god, this would be my first instinct. I guess I would just be cougar dessert then. Glad this guy was able to defend himself!
  6. txjennah PE


    I went in 2016 for a friend's wedding and had a good time. We didn't see any shows, mainly hung out at the different casinos, did some shopping, and rode the giant Ferris Wheel. And you cannot miss the Hoover Dam
  7. txjennah PE

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Hey! Happy to hear that you passed!
  8. txjennah PE

    Third time is a charm?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your parent Yeah, quality studying was definitely lacking my previous attempts. The second time, I think I put in 145 hours...but most of that was just watching SoPE or *reading* texts without actively working a ton of problems. I definitely noticed a huge difference the third time around. Wow, I don't think I was able to sit at my table for longer than 2-2.5 hours. I think my brain would have exploded :p So I failed the April 2017 and October 2017 exams, and honestly, taking a break in between really helped me. I started studying late April 2018 and was pretty casual with it at first, and then increased intensity as time went on. Taking that mental break really helped me, I think I would have burned out otherwise. Regardless of what you end up deciding, best of luck! You've got this
  9. txjennah PE

    How do you exercise your creative side?

    I really enjoy being creative and it keeps me sane! I really like music and used to play drums back in the day, but haven't played for awhile. I read a lot. I'm also very crafty - I love knitting, crochet, etc.
  10. It's called Fyre Fraud! I think you'll like it. I feel like I could watch another 10 of these and still feel fascinated by what went down. They also interview a guy from Fuck Jerry responsible for the social media posts - really interesting.
  11. Yes! The one on Hulu focuses more on how it was a unrealistic disaster from the get-go, and the social media culture that led to it even happening in the first place. They interview Billy McFarland too. His pupils are dilated af and he comes across as a complete douchebag, surprise surprise. I liked that pilot, just how practical he was - so of course they forced him out.
  12. Spoiler alert! :ppppp I started saying "WHAT'S IN THE BOXXXXXXXXXXX" when I want to be dramatic, and I've got my husband saying it, though he's never seen it. I'm like, you probably will find this way less cute once you realize what the actual reference is.
  13. txjennah PE

    Calling yourself an engineer without a PE

    Yeah, agreed. Our job titles identify us as engineers regardless of whether we have the license. But to imply that he has knowledge of a certain area when he practices in a completely different subject is pretty shady. I don't get it! I have plenty of people who assume I know XYZ just because I'm an engineer, and I'll have to tell them, "not that kind of engineer!"
  14. When it first happened, I was really amused by it...but the Netflix documentary really delved into Bahamians who were assisting with the festival were screwed over and weren't paid...and one lost her life savings. Awful. Six years in jail isn't enough for that asshole.
  15. We watched BOTH documentaries on the Fyre Festival. What a bunch of assholes. I feel like both documentaries compliment each other, because each delves into something the other doesn't.
  16. txjennah PE

    EET WRE Couse with Dr. Nazrul Islam

    Yep, even though I'm enviro, I took the water resources/environment depth. Nazrul is just as amazing as everyone says! It was a great course and I think was one of the main reasons I finally passed!
  17. Texas now lets you sit for the exam without having the work experience. This is a pretty recent development, I think around 2016/2017.
  18. txjennah PE

    Third time is a charm?

    Hello there! I'm a third timer who finally passed in October 2018. It can be done! What helped me was first, focusing the majority of my studies on what I was weakest in from my diagnostic reports. The second thing was identifying what study habits needed to be corrected. The first two tries, I was pretty lazy about studying. I studied on the couch, and read the texts without doing as many problem sets as I should have. Third, were you studying during any major life events that took your focus away from studying? I was planning a wedding during my first two attempts, and while there are some people out there who are awesome and can multi-task like that, I was not one of them. Acknowledging my weaknesses and figuring out how many hours *I* felt comfortable with really helped me. There are some people on here who passed without having to study much. That's great! But again, I'm not one of those people. I had to put in 200 hours before I felt comfortable about my chances of passing. For the third round, I made sure I only studied at my kitchen table, away from distractions. I worked as many problem sets as I could. While work was still keeping me busy, I didn't have other life events to distract me. So all I had to do was come home, cook dinner, then study. The month leading up to the test, I'd study about an hour before work, then another 2 hours or so afterward. I finally put in the quality time I needed to on my third attempt, and that helped me pass. Are you doing any review courses? I took EET because I was so weak in water, and can't recommend them enough. Best of luck! You got this!
  19. txjennah PE

    Late Bloomer Questions

    I'm not a mechanical PE, so I won't speak to any of those questions. But as someone who took the PE 10 years after graduation, I most definitely do not recommend the "try it and see" approach. It's a really difficult and expensive test, and since I didn't take it seriously enough the first time around, I failed. I finally passed (after, ahem, three tries). I finally got serious the third time around and logged 200 hours studying. I wish I'd done that the first time around, I would have saved myself a lot of money and misery. Seriously, just study as much as you can and get it done the first time.
  20. Yeahhhh the whole "thanking items for their service" thing is a bit much, but I guess whatever makes people feel better about tossing their junk lol.
  21. I'm being a basic bitch and watching Marie Kondo's organizing show. It's fun, I like it and it's giving me ideas for my home. Just watching some of those houses stresses me out though. I'm not going to pretend I'm a super neat freak, but I'm clean and too much clutter stresses me out.
  22. txjennah PE

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    Ah that's so sweet, thank you so much! I love the camaraderie in this community.
  23. txjennah PE

    PE Exam time

    4 hours max for each session. And proctors are very strict about pencils being down when they call time, otherwise your results could get invalidated. You certainly have people who finish early during each session, but I was not that person...I used up every minute!
  24. txjennah PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    Two reports need to go out today, and I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.