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  1. txjennah

    The Pet Thread

    Poor little guy
  2. txjennah

    The Pet Thread

    My little dachshund woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Woke me up twice early morning to use the bathroom. My husband flew home today, grabbed some coffee, and was about to relax when my dog knocked the coffee over. The coffee spilled all over my husband's new books 😂
  3. txjennah

    The Pet Thread

    Oh my gosh. I can't imagine what they're going through, heartbreaking on both accounts. What kind of dog was it to clear a 6 ft fence?
  4. Ahahaha! I've done field work in Orange. Not much out there...but we did drive to Louisiana for the casinos :p
  5. txjennah

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    It's a good refresher (I have been out of school for 10+ years now), but you can't just relay on SoPE as your only way of studying. That was my biggest problem. And they are pretty up front with you on that. My first exam attempt, I was focusing on things going on in my personal life and didn't start studying until 5 weeks before. I prepped using only SoPE. I got a 63 (needed a 70 to pass), so I think SoPE helped me at least get into that range. The second time around, I ran through more problems on my own, but it wasn't enough. If you do SoPE, make sure you do as many practice problems as you can on your own. I will say that there are some sections that are more thorough than others. If you do all the review modules + and do a lot of practice problems outside of the course, then you should be fine.
  6. txjennah

    Thailand Soccer Team

    I'm so relieved this story has a happy ending. I hope all the kids and the coach can recover not only physically, but emotionally. I can't imagine what 2+ weeks trapped in a cave will do for the psyche.
  7. txjennah

    Thailand Soccer Team

    It's heartbreaking that someone already lost his life for this. If experts are dying while trying to get to the kids, I can't imagine that teaching the kids how to dive would work very well. But I know that they are running out of options.
  8. txjennah

    Thailand Soccer Team

    I just read about this story earlier - what a nightmare I'm glad the kids are okay, and I hope they don't have to spend the next four months in a cave. I read that 2 doctors volunteered to stay with them in case they do, which I think is really selfless. I'm a weenie, so there's zero chance I'd want to explore a cave unless it's a heavily curated experience with zero chance of getting stuck.
  9. txjennah

    TV - What are you watching?

    We're still on Parks and Rec!
  10. txjennah

    It's Friday!!!!

    Haha, they always have funny signs.
  11. txjennah

    Salary & Home Affordability by State

    I've always heard how expensive Hawaii was...but it was hard to understand until I visited. Cost of living seems insane over there. I don't blame you for leaving.
  12. txjennah

    Salary & Home Affordability by State

    Yeah, I live in a really expensive city so the salary listed for Texas just won't cut it for buying a house here. Maybe in the suburbs.
  13. txjennah

    It's Friday!!!!

    I feel like I've been limping into Friday for the past several weeks. I'm grateful it's the weekend!
  14. Hi there Drew. Much respect for trying to pass this test while with a family, I can't imagine. I too have failed twice, but I just have a husband and dog to worry about I am also doing EET to try and strengthen some weaknesses. I've already started studying (instead of waiting 2-3 months before to start like in the past) and I'm going to focus on doing as many problems as I can. Good luck to you in October, I know this time you've got it.
  15. txjennah

    Random Topics 3.1

    Lol yay I would happily take EPA. I have a huge fear of bed bugs and check for them at every hotel I stay at...so I assure you there is no chance of used mattress hunts