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  1. txjennah

    What is allowed in exam

    If there's any question, please call your state board to confirm. My state board (Texas) told me that I could not bring notes marked in pencil. I mean, I'm sure hundreds of PE candidates have and will continue to bring in notes with pencil. But it's not worth risking. Just photocopy your notes and you're fine.
  2. txjennah

    How to tell your job is toxic

    Yiiiiiiiiikes. I know it's easier said than done, but I hope you find yourself in a better situation very soon.
  3. Thanks for hearing us out, @squarepegs
  4. I have a copy of the agreement from School of PE in my email. It is not one we signed, but one we received upon registration in the course. The agreement reads the following. I can forward you a copy if you wish. "I will not copy or cause to be copied or reproduced in any way, form, or manner, electronic or otherwise, any of the materials obtained from the review course. I will keep materials obtained from the review course confidential, and will not sell, auction, loan, rent, give away, describe, summarize, or otherwise reveal the materials or their contents, to any other person or entity." I cannot find my EET agreement either in my email or the website, but I remember receiving something similar from them. It might have come with the depth binder. IMO it's a reasonable request to make. They are providing an expanded review outside of what you would receive in a normal textbook or exam prep book, and the notes are just a supplement to that review. My original point still stands whether or not you are making money from preparing your own exam prep material- that if you want credibility as a vendor, then selling other vendors' copyrighted material is not a good look.
  5. When you go to Barnes and Noble and purchase a book, you don't get an agreement saying that you can't resell the book. Though there is an understanding that you should not make copies and sell the book yourself, there is a reasonable expectation that you, as the buyer, can resell the book and make a profit from it. However, when you purchase a review course from a vendor, you receive an agreement explicitly stating that you cannot resell and profit from the copyrighted materials. I understand that it happens, and that others on this board have done it, but it's not something I agree with. It appears that you are also a vendor, so selling other vendors' copyrighted material is not a good look.
  6. No, my hangup is related to both selling the vendor notes and the screen grab. Each student gets an agreement that they cannot profit from the resale of those notes. I see that other students here have sold their class prep notes, so I'm probably in the minority here by thinking that it's wrong.
  7. Mmmm, how is selling notes from a vendor like School of PE and "throwing in" screen recorded lectures not violating a copyright? At the very least it violates the agreement that each student agrees to when signing up for the course. I understand that course materials are shared among students when studying, but selling the materials?
  8. txjennah

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Ah good to know, thanks! Here's to hoping this is the last hurrah for us both! I'm soooo over studying.
  9. txjennah

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    @vee043324, I don't think that's crazy at all. I have a binder each for water resources/water treatment, air/solid waste, remediation/safety, and one with indices and the FE reference manual (to be replaced with the PE Env. manual).
  10. txjennah

    The Running Thread

    Congratulations! That's a great time!
  11. txjennah

    It's Friday!!!!

    Good luck on your half!
  12. txjennah

    Handwritten notes w/pencil

    I'd call your state board and confirm. My state board (Texas) said no pencil. Honestly, to be safe, I'd just write in pen.
  13. txjennah

    Handwritten notes w/pencil

    Don't do like I did and wait the day before the exam to make the copies! :))))
  14. txjennah

    What's playing inside your head?

    I have the first 30 seconds of "Dance Yrself Clean" stuck in an infinite loop in my head. Send help.
  15. txjennah

    Hello From MI

    Welcome fellow environmental engineer I'm currently studying for the October exam as well (cough cough, third attempt). Best of luck on your studies!