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  1. txjennah PE

    EB Mafia

    And i mean...i know this is overlapping for a stressful period for EVERYONE right now, they've just been really hard on us for utilization and using PTO instead of charging overhead, etc etc so it's hard for me to relax right now.
  2. txjennah PE

    EB Mafia

    I'm sorry everyone. I know it looks suspicious that i haven't voted, but I'm a townie. This quarantine is overlapping with a really stressful period at work for me right now, so quarantine txjennah is no fun.
  3. Honestly it doesn't bother me when people say "guys" and I find myself saying it a lot too! But something about saying "fellas" and then tripping over himself to correct it was pretty funny.
  4. Overheard on a call this morning: "Alright fellas...and by fellas...I mean...everyone on this call, I mean...mankind..." There were at least 4 or 5 women on the call so I don't even know what was going on there.
  5. txjennah PE

    EB Mafia

    Sure, I'll play this weekend. I HAVE NOTHING GOING ON ANYWAY SO
  6. txjennah PE

    EB Mafia

    Idk, I lost my mafia mojo Plus work has been really on us regarding utilization so felt nervous about sneaking away too much.
  7. We are allowed to take LWOP after our PTO runs out, so that's the only way it's making sense to me.
  8. txjennah PE

    EB Mafia

    I want to be on this timeline rather than the GARBAGE ONE WE ARE ALL ON NOW.
  9. ::canned laughter then credits:: Thanks yeah, all good. Still very lucky and fortunate, just weird. Haha no, no end date given. They might start docking our PTO accrual by 10% too, so that's cool. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Thanks. We've been very careful with our spending and food supply. Also bought our house just based on one person's income (person making the lower salary), which I'm really happy we did now!
  11. Thanks! Still very very fortunate and privileged that I can work from home and still have a job, just haven't seen this happen before so am a little shocked by that.
  12. You don't have to worry about billability anymore? I had no idea!! :pppppp Work 36, get paid 36 (regardless of OH), but can get paid for 40 only it's 100% billable.
  13. Well, effective 4/11, we're all getting docked to 36 hours/week. If we're 100% billable, then we're able to charge the remainder 4 hours on OT. As you can imagine....many of us aren't 100% billable at the moment. I'll be okay, and I'm grateful to have a job...but I got hired right before the recession and have never experienced anything like this before. It's a little concerning.
  14. txjennah PE

    EB Mafia

    Ok if everyone is voting for @JayKay PE then they must know something. @LyceeFruit PE I vote for @JayKay PE
  15. txjennah PE

    EB Mafia

    I think I lost my Mafia mojo I'm a townie by the way, don't be hatin' @chart94
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