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  1. I'm here today but I don't want to be.
  2. AHHHHH oh my gosh, so happy for you @Maryam!!!! Congratulations!
  3. I brought some leftover gnocchi (yum) and a salad. But I forgot to bring salad dressing so, hmm. I will somehow find a way to move past this trauma.
  4. I know in Texas, they told us not to bring in notes with pencil. I'd recommend photocopying whatever notes you made in pencil to save you time. That's what I did. Best of luck with your studies!
  5. We are slowly working our way through Black Mirror. Yesterday I watched an episode that kind of had a happy ending and didn't make me feel dead inside? I'm so confused.
  6. Almost there! So exciting!
  7. Strawberry yogurt with bananas and granola. I need coffee. So much coffee.
  8. Fantastic, congratulations @waternerd and @jtimothythompson! Happy for you both!
  9. Best of luck to everyone waiting for results! So happy to see so many passing results on here. Keep the streak going enviros!
  10. Woot woot!! Congratulations @environ-prof!!!
  11. Welcome @EngMel! Best of luck with your studies, and we're here if you need anything!
  12. Hah! True. Should have gone to visit Magnolia at some point. Last time I was in Waco was 2013, I don't remember the show being as big just yet...oh well.
  13. We're moving in 8-ish weeks, so Marie Kondo-ing the house. But also relaxation!
  14. Lmao I usually have to convince my husband to go hiking too. But once we go, he enjoys it (or so he says...)
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