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  1. My table partner erased ferociously like his score depended on it. It shook the entire table and I was ready to throw my calculator at him by the end of the day.
  2. Good to know, thanks. I didn't take CBT so was assuming the large general auditorium for the exam.
  3. I highly doubt you can take in head phones. I used ear plugs and was fine.
  4. I think I used Google+ to post bad guitar covers and ~angsty lyrics~ Not sure I want to take this trip down memory lane, but I'll download the files anyway.
  5. 1. Roughly an hour. 2. Yes. I think I took 3? Which is excessive but idk, it seemed like a good idea at the time
  6. :pppppp I passed with 200 hours, but everyone is different. I am very jealous of the "I started two weeks before and logged 10 hrs and passed" people.
  7. Dang already a month out? Good idea to use this time to focus on your problem topics, go through your practice exams (but don't wait until you're a week away from the exam to do them), make sure all your references are in order. I stopped studying the Tuesday of exam week, and I think taking that break was critical - really gave my brain enough time to rest and recover before the big day. You all got this!
  8. Oh no, so sad :(((( I grew up watching 90210 - was in elementary school when it premiered. My mom banned it at first, then gave up since my brother and I were always sneaking around to watch it. Too young to go.
  9. I finally passed! Best of luck with CBT.
  10. Hello! It depends where you're at with the material, how much you use it day to day, etc. SoPE is good if you need a broad review, but if you need a more in-depth review of the material, it may not be your best. If you're strong in air and weak with water, I'd recommend EET. I took the EET course since I was also very weak with water - you get tons of practice problems, exams, and in-depth reviews. I really think that course helped me pass. It also overlaps a bit with material from remediation (i.e. aquifers, wells, drawdown, etc). As far as practice problems, I used SoPE practice problems, EET problems, and problems from the Cooper/Alley textbook. I also did the NCEES practice exams, the book of Schneiter practice exams, and the practice problems from Schneiter. I didn't bother with the PPI practice problems since they're not very representative of the exam. I agree with @kncumber that effort is most important! Best of luck with your studies.
  11. "Under no circumstances should you turn your back and run, as this may trigger the cat’s chase instinct." Oh god, this would be my first instinct. I guess I would just be cougar dessert then. Glad this guy was able to defend himself!
  12. I went in 2016 for a friend's wedding and had a good time. We didn't see any shows, mainly hung out at the different casinos, did some shopping, and rode the giant Ferris Wheel. And you cannot miss the Hoover Dam
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your parent Yeah, quality studying was definitely lacking my previous attempts. The second time, I think I put in 145 hours...but most of that was just watching SoPE or *reading* texts without actively working a ton of problems. I definitely noticed a huge difference the third time around. Wow, I don't think I was able to sit at my table for longer than 2-2.5 hours. I think my brain would have exploded :p So I failed the April 2017 and October 2017 exams, and honestly, taking a break in between really helped me. I started studying late April 2018 and was pretty casual with it at first, and then increased intensity as time went on. Taking that mental break really helped me, I think I would have burned out otherwise. Regardless of what you end up deciding, best of luck! You've got this
  14. I really enjoy being creative and it keeps me sane! I really like music and used to play drums back in the day, but haven't played for awhile. I read a lot. I'm also very crafty - I love knitting, crochet, etc.
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