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  1. i don't think ncees does a curve. i believe they grade on a transient loop
  2. that simply means he wasn't a dummy, genius. let me guess, you had trouble on YOUR exam based on YOUR background? (The genius comment was sarcasm. Had to mention that since i'm sure you wouldn't have caught that on your own šŸ˜‚)
  3. 430.32 (C) Selection of Overload Device. Where the sensing element or setting or sizing of the overload device selected in accordance with 430.32(A)(1) and 430.32(B)(1) is not sufficient to start the motor or to carry the load, higher size sensing elements or incremental settings or sizing shall be permitted to be used, provided the trip current of the overload device does not exceed the following percentage of motor nameplate full-load current rating: Motors with marked service factor 1.15 or greater 140% Motors with a marked temperature rise 40Ā°C or less 140% All other motors 130% i followed the above, which i guess i screwed up anyways. I should have multiplied by 1.3 in my calculations
  4. FLC is code (table) FLA is actual (nameplate) anyways, i thought because 1.15xFLC < FLA that we have to multiply up to a max of 1.40 x FLC for overload protection?
  5. can someone help me out on this. The problem is simple. A 1hp 220V motor with 6.8A FLA I summarized the wire size and protection in the table below. I have two issues: 1 - did i size up the overload protection correctly since the FLA with 1.15 multiplier still resulted in a value less than FLC? 2- the required protection is so small. is there a overload protection device for 10AMP? In any case, i thought the device would need to be UP TO A MAX of 9.5AMP?
  6. i would say don't worry about it, but seeing how last go around there was like a 55% pass rate, seems like it has gotten even harder than before when i took it, i got so stressed my blood pressure dropped dramatically. i could feel myself turn ghost pale. i really think i guessed on half the exam and from them like maybe 20 questions complete wild guesses. it was terrible.
  7. very good best part is the author is available for questions
  8. 3 more days! be cool and stay calm. remember, usually only 30% do not pass on first try
  9. Sayed,

    I'll buy all your NDS books (specification, supplement, and SDPWS) for $70 if they're still for sale.



  10. Don't say that to the owner. Guy is very douchy if you bring up incorrect information on his books
  11. its been less than 2 years since i passed that exam and i don't remember shit šŸ˜«
  12. seems like it would have been faster and easier calling the board
  13. i guess i assummed everyone would know iā€™m offering the current one for the exams 2015 nds 7th edition aashto
  14. i completely gave up on this test. not going to pursue it after taking so long to collect the study material anyone looking to buy these? i'm selling asshto for 250 (SE edition) and NDS books for 100 shoot me a private message with your contact
  15. wow that is super idiotic. so on top of us doing the proof reading for them, we have to PAY to see if maybe they corrected their fuck up? i had to log in and verify what you said
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