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  1. And yes, Zach's article was very helpful for me deciding which books to buy, I was very impressed with this well thought out list!
  2. I will actually answer your question here. Here are the best resources I found after extensive research on this very topic 6 months ago when I began my prep process (I passed the Oct exam): -EE's Guide to Passing the Power PE (my favorite resource, however there are a couple of errors, be sure to check the eratta on the website and make sure you correct the delta-wye conversion (or maybe it was the wye-delta, can't remember) somewhere early in the book, was missing negative signs in the angles. Amazon was the only place I could find it 4 months ago, but maybe will have more luck earlier in the exam prep process. -GA Tech binder. I know it's from a prep class and if you can take a prep class, do so. This one was good, I"m sure others are good too. This and EE's Guide were my two go-to resources. -Power System Analysis by Granger (didn't use a ton, but was helpful for clarifying topics and at times had better equations/graphs). Just get an older used copy on Amazon. -NEC: obviously need to get this. Get tabs for it too. You'll need the 2017 so finding used copies may be a problem. -NESC: some say it is not needed, others say for sure get it if there is any way you can afford it. I'm of the later group. If there are two question on the exam and this is a guaranteed two easy questions, then I say it's worth it. You can sell it later too to recoup much of the cost. Not sure the best place for this, I bought straight from the source. -Spin Up practice exams AND Complex Imaginary practice exams. Two different books with two flavors of questions. I would say get both if you can. If only one, it seems the Complex Imaginary is more popular but that's just my feel of things. It may be hard to find copies that aren't already marked up, but give it a shot. I ended up finding the Spin Up on Amazon and had to buy the CI from the company itself. -Machines by Wildi is good (latest edition), though it wasn't much help on the exam (was crucial for a single question though). Maybe I didn't look through it enough, but it's a well put together book with lots of practical insight into the field. I plan to read this book for my own learning after the exam, it's that good. -FE reference manual: didn't use it on the exam but if there are econ questions, this one may help. I'm sure others have a better reference for the econ questions. -I would maybe have a power electronics book handy too. Look for used sets of books on ebay. I've seen a few folks that have most if not all of the resources in a package (minus maybe the GA tech binder and FE ref manual) My best advice is to compile notes and references into a reference sheet. That way on the exam you can look at that first to know where topics are in your various resources, instead of having 50 tabs in your books. Also, make sure you know a small handful of resources front to back pretty much. Take as many extra books "just in case" as you'd like, you never know. Don't rely on these extra books, but it's good to have them there. I know I was glad I had them and did use a couple. Don't worry about taking a suitcase in if you need to. Let people make fun of you for it, now is not the time to worry about what people think. Good luck!
  3. I managed to pass first try, much relief!
  4. Yea, and the answer key says "The open circuit test has the high side open"... :/
  5. The question asks: "During an open circuit test for a transformer?" a) The high side has rated voltage applied, b) The high side is open, c) The low side is shorted, d) Both a & c, e) None of the above. They have b as the answer, but this seems totally wrong. It should be a?
  6. I thought about that but the only problem is I don't know if they highlight changes in tables or not.
  7. I bought the 2017 NEC Handbook, thinking it was over that, but apparently it is the 2014 being used on the exam. I do have a 2014 version (code book, not handbook) as well, but unfortunately I had all of my page references on a lookup sheet for the 2017. Luckily the code references are also there. I guess do I just try to use the 2014?
  8. I'm just wondering, why does this problem have the wye phase impedances different from the node denotation? Ex: Node A has Zc, B Za, C Zb. Why not just denote them A Za, B Zb, C Zc? Also, are the equations in the solution correct? Thanks.
  9. Nevermind, found an errata on the book website. It should be negative like I thought.
  10. I am looking at page 16-17, where it has the phase currents Ia, Ib, Ic for delta connection. It says the line currents lag the phase currents by 30 deg on pg 16, but the equations on pg 17 look like the line currents are leading the phase currents by 30 deg. It has for example Ia = Iab * sqrt3 * angle30deg. Please help, thanks.
  11. Hi All, I see some differences between the GA Tech equivalent circuit for an induction motor vs the EE Guide to Passing the PE. The GA Tech has the stator impedance between the input and core impedance, whereas the EE Guide has the stator impdance on the other side. I'm looking at pages 7-RM-34 in GA Tech and 86 in EE Guide respectively. Thanks.
  12. HI all, I'm just wondering if it is ok to bring the NEC reference cards on the exam? I see that NFPA sells 13 cards, and, Amazon has what looks like a single 8.5x11 laminated card ("2017 National Electrical Code NEC Quick-Card by Builders Book Inc"). I'm just not sure if these are loose sheets or something and wouldn't be allowed. Thanks.
  13. I can see I'm not going to get anywhere on this topic with you...I'm done trying. While I'm sure most interactions you've had with new users has been positive, I really think you need to rethink how you approach certain new users on here who are looking for help. This is especially true being Staff on this website and thus an ambassador for it because it can reflect poorly on the site itself. Just telling someone new to this site and the entire PE prep process (and who hasn't been an active user on here for many years like yourself) who has already searched for awhile, has run into difficulty and is genuinely looking for help, to tell them with dogged insistence to just keep doing more of the same and to "simply use the search function" among other of your comments is not only unhelpful, but rather condescending.
  14. Engineering is also about coming up with innovative solutions to help others when they ask, or even just posting links to other threads about this topic, rather than just telling someone who's spent hours researching to just continue doing the same thing. Might I propose someone putting a sticky on this forum with links to previously discussed topics about exam prep courses and materials? I think it would be helpful for lots of people if they can more easily find review course and other recommendations if it truly is inconvenient or inappropriate to ask for new and fresh opinions on review courses like I've been trying to do. I really don't mean to be rude here, I just don't understand why there needs to be so much hesitation to what I'm asking for. Surely there is a better way...
  15. This explains EXACTLY one of the reasons why I want to get peoples opinions now on courses they took, rather than only looking at older threads....
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