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  1. @hardhatsandpinkshoes Hi! I am a several time repeat civil structural taker and just passed. Whew! I'm also in Kentucky and also used EET to prepare (and failed that attempt). If you haven't yet tried it, call the Kentucky Engineering Center in Frankfort and ask about their Saturday review courses. (Affordable option compared to the online courses) I used that this time to help prepare and passed. The classes are in Frankfort on six Saturdays. I found a group of people in my area and we carpooled together. Good luck to you!
  2. @leggo, Enjoy your celebrating and long weekend and if you have time next week to look at this diagnostic mess, I would love your input! Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Congratulations Leggo! I'm so happy you passed! I've been reading to gain advice on my next attempt. I will try the EET breadth and depth. It is so encouraging to see you pass your third attempt. Your story above seems so encouraging to me. The first attempt I took, I actually didn't study very much for it. My mentor/engineer quit and started his own company, leaving me alone without a PE in a multi-disciplined firm. So I signed up for the exam at the last minute just as a "why not try", knowing I wasn't prepared to study and wouldn't have time to do so. Obviously, that attempt didn't work and I hadn't really expected it to. Then, I studied really hard for this April exam and was shocked to see my score was about the same, I just flip-flopped in areas that I did well. This is extremely frustrating! Clearly, l need help! I will try the EET classes. Did you do the on-demand or webinar? Breadth and depth? Congrats again! :-)
  4. Thanks, I will look at them too!
  5. Thanks leggo! I will definitely go to EET and give that a shot. Definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing and expect different results, so I'm just thinking of what to do different next time. Good luck to you!
  6. Anyone recommend those online review classes? For morning and structural depth? Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I'm nothing if not tenacious! :-) Congrats to all the passers!
  7. That's awesome! Congratulations!!!!!!
  8. Elvie

    KY Results are Posted

    I did not see a date change before my results posted, fyi. I checked it about half an hour before they came in and there was no date change.
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