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  1. EET helped me pass Construction Depth

    man i just got hammered with eet's construction simulation exam. i felt like those were easily 10 min. questions, if the exam is that same level of difficulty i'm in trouble. i just cant breeze through scheduling problems ultra-fast or i mess up. i'm having a hard time remembering the degree of difficulty of the construction questions in the last exam.
  2. I passed PE civil construction exam ( 8 attempts )

    Thanks for sharing that with us, I failed my first time and I am getting ready for my second attempt, I don't know what it is but I am not feeling good about this, I feel like I don't know what they are going to throw out there again as far as construction problems go, and I feel like if I focus too much now on depth, I am going to screw up some of the am stuff.
  3. Construction Depth 2017

    Thanks for the reply
  4. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    Oh I meant someone else, on this board..lol I know you don't have to study. If you ever post some advice that would be great. Wow you didn't finish engineering school, and didn't take a course, that's amazing.
  5. Construction Depth 2017

    I guess I will have to just study harder, does anyone recommend EET's construction depth?
  6. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

  7. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    49/80, we should exchange emails to form a study group for construction depth, I think I might try EET.
  8. Construction Depth 2017

    Well I guess I didn't study hard enough, dr toms civil classroom was not that good.
  9. Construction Depth Pass?

    I'm sick in the stomach about this I studied about 500 hrs. Took dr. Tom's civil classroom construction course. This sucks I did very well in desantis, pass the civil Pe practice exams and the Ncees exams, seems like engineers at NCEES are trying to hard to make questions sound different for each exam, they end up mis wording and not providing enough info. This test should have more standardized questions and language. This exam is designed to trick you contrary to what everyone says
  10. Do you charge per hour?

    Great Thanks for replying

    I was working in FL about ten years ago and came across someone on the project and they introduced themselves as a certified haybale and silt fence inspector. I thought they were joking but they were serious. Is this really a cert.? Has anyone come across one of these inspectors. They verify that the stakes are properly seated to the right depth.
  12. Moving to the Business Side

    try a career at Contech or ADS Pipe, Gravitech, Geokon These companies you can be in sales and engineering at the same time.
  13. Do you charge per hour?

    Can you anyone tell me how much the insurance costs for an engineer to do part-time consulting out of your basement. I wouldn't think anyone would accept a design or recommendations unless you could provide proof of liability insurance. I have a lot of residential building experience and when I get my PE I would like to start my own small business on the side designing joists and beams for residential contractors, maybe doing home inspections. I guess you want to try to drum up some work first and then go buy the insurance so at least you know you could pay the premium and earn some money in the beginning, then hopefully you can get more customers.
  14. had disagreement over Concrete Light Bases

    I got into an argument with another engineer over the embedment depth of concrete light bases. A contractor wanted to cut 18" off the bottom of the base, that measured 5'-0" and he wanted to make them 3'-6". I told him no because the stability is met by the embedment depth and concrete weight to resist overturning. If you chop off 18" of concrete you are losing that weight. Another engineer said I was wrong because once these are buried and if you have sufficient embedment depth, the weight of the base has no effect on the stability of the light pole. I don't agree because although depth and compaction around the base is important, if the base is too light the light pole could potentially want to have a "rocking effect inside the hole". What I mean by this is say you have a 16" hole with a 16" diameter base, you could back in a year and the light pole may still be standing, but there is now an annular space around the circumference of the concrete and the soil backfill due to slight movement over time. I just wanted to get some other opinions here.
  15. Construction Depth 2017

    Thanks for the responses I feel the same.