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  1. Just curious if anyone has or has worked or know about what it is like working for the Army Corps of Engineers. Thanks
  2. I hit a road-block with A Board that would not accept my construction experience even though it was responsible in-charge oversight and implementation of engineering projects. Luckily i had a position in my career that required design work so that counted. Some Boards can be picky about experience.
  3. try to get your hands on as many different practice exams as you can and keep working problems. Review exponents if needed, i remember i kept getting a few simple mistakes in my calcs. and to make it worse i would make the same mistakes twice. Finally i would write down 100 times in a row....the cubed root of x is equal x to the 1/3.....the cubed root of x equals x to the 1/3...the cubed root of is equal to x to the 1/3.....the 5th root of x equals w to the fifth.....the fifth root of x equals x to the 1/5........1 divided by the cubed root of x equals x to the the negative one third.....i kept writing this over and over until these little things stuck in my head. Then at exam time I could solve equations quicker if needed. These rules come in handy when you have to re-arrange equations to solve for headloss, friction, pipe diameter and pipe slopes and wetted perimeter.
  4. I would give prepineer a shot, they also give you a mentor you can text or call with questions. They may not have every subject in the other disciplines syllabus but I bet they will have 80% of the subjects in their coursework which should be enough to pass. I used prepineer and eet which helped me pass the civil fe.
  5. Just curious about the new FE style exam, since the exam is given so often, how do they have time to re-write each exam like they do the PE Exam?
  6. The second attempt I did EET which was excellent.
  7. I used the latest steel manual on the last exam, only because I already had it, I would not recommend buying it for the construction exam. I would invest in acquiring as many different construction exams as possible by different authors. Lindberg's in my opinion is least helpful as it is much too involved more than you need. Goswami, Monsour, Desantis , Oakeson are very good authors.
  8. Hi Selling ------$200 USD - ACI SP-4 Formwork for Concrete, 8th ed., 2014. Let me know if anyone is interested. Mint Condition. Important paragraphs highlighted based on EET's recommendations during lectures.
  9. Does anyone know how to go about selling some references, I would like to sell some that are in very good condition. Thanks
  10. I would just like to say to hang in there and eventually you will pass, what helped me tremendously was EET for Construction, Samir is an excellent teacher. He is why I passed second time around. After a while you just get more comfortable with finding those tricks. I failed first try and was very dissapointed with the fact that I thought I did good, this time around I knew what to expect and was much more relaxed. I even had the time to check to see if there were some tricks and found a few, where I checked if I made a certain wrong assumption if that answer was one of the choices, and saw that it was in fact one of the choices. It was one I almost got wrong and it had to do with understanding the correct unit weight to use for solving a problem. This time around I could find the tricks much easier than the first time. Stick with it.
  11. man i just got hammered with eet's construction simulation exam. i felt like those were easily 10 min. questions, if the exam is that same level of difficulty i'm in trouble. i just cant breeze through scheduling problems ultra-fast or i mess up. i'm having a hard time remembering the degree of difficulty of the construction questions in the last exam.
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