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  1. CT ConstEng

    PE passed in Connecticut

    They will send an email and you status on the licensing website will change from pending to initial license fee due after the next board meeting following you passing the exam. Once you pay it takes about a day or so for them to change to active. This was my experience in CT: 12/5/2017 - Notified I passed PE 1/17/18 - Department of Consumer Protection sent an email telling me I was approved and my initial license fee was due. 1/18/18 - License was listed as “Active.”
  2. CT ConstEng

    CT Results - 12/05/ !

    Same here! Congrats!
  3. CT ConstEng

    CT Results - 12/05/ !

    Same here. I paid, now we wait again....
  4. CT ConstEng

    CT Results - 12/05/ !

    I emailed the board again on Friday and they said they would be sending out emails this week. Can someone else please bother them so they know people are waiting? I can’t comprehend what takes so long......
  5. CT ConstEng

    CT Results - 12/05/ !

    They will issuing licensing packets via email after the board meets this Tuesday. After speaking to some others, the whole process takes a couple of months. Ridiculous.....
  6. CT ConstEng

    CT Results - 12/05/ !

    Passed Civil Construction - 2nd try. Still not sure if this board helped or added to the insane emotional roller coaster. But thanks anyway.
  7. CT ConstEng


    So, funny story. Just talked to the Department of Consumer Protection and was told that the person who is charge of releasing results is out today. Therefore we have to wait until Tuesday.
  8. CT ConstEng