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  7. Risk management is a process within project management that includes identifying certain risks a project may have. When threats are identified, they are analyzed on how they can impact a project. There are many factors that can be considered risky for a project, especially in engineering, but the main and most recognizable risks include costs, legal liabilities, and going over a projected schedule. Learn more here:
  9. We want to know which depth you think is the hardest!
  10. Are you a Structural Engineer, or want to be? We know there are tons of impressive structures out there, but we want to know what your favorites are! Comment below:
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  14. Professional Engineer aspirants, this one's for you! We want to know: Why do you want to become a professional engineer? Comment your answer below:
  15. Professional Engineer aspirants, this one's for you! We want to know: Why do you want to become a professional engineer? Comment your answer below:
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