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  1. Are you preparing for the October 2019 exam? Sign up for your review course today!
  2. The task of gaining your SE license is quite a feat but the reward is unbelievable. Every day we are surrounded by and take advantage of the the technical expertise and beautiful art generated by Structural Engineers. We forget the amount of knowledge, dedication and hard work that goes into creating the buildings we dwell in, the bridges we drive on and why we remain safe in these environments. A great example of this engineering and design triumph is the Arther Ravenel Jr. bridge. To share in the wonderment of this structural masterpiece click here
  3. Looking to prepare for YOUR PE exam? Learn about our RISK-FREE enrollment policy today:
  4. School of PE is seeking continuing education course writers. Our writers may come from a variety of industries and engineering backgrounds. We are currently looking for new course writers for our continuing education program to further enhance the range of disciplines we offer, provide a greater selection of engaging content, and add to the variety of learning platforms. Wondering if you are qualified to write? Most professionals have more than enough expertise in their field to become a course writer. As long as your topics are of educational value to a practicing engineer, you may pass on some of the knowledge you have gained over your career. Developing original continuing education courses can be both satisfying and profitable. How will I be compensated? Our compensation package includes one of the following options: Option A: $100 per PDH of new course material created and a 25% revenue share every time someone purchases your course. Option B: A 40% revenue share every time someone purchases your course. If you are interested in writing a course for us please email me at or call me at 614.873.7475.
  5. School of PE is currently looking for licensed PE Civil engineers in the state of California to teach our PE Civil, Seismic and Surveying exam review courses. We have opportunities to teach onsite as well as online. If you are interested in teaching for us please give us a call at 614.873.7475 or email us at
  6. Often times those who are studying for the PE Civil exam find themselves struggling in a specific subject and find it very difficult to determine the exact resources needed to provide the appropriate guidance to master these subjects. Therefore, School of PE is proud to offer one-on-one, live online tutoring sessions. School of PE’s live online tutoring platform allows us to connect students with instructors from all over the United States with the click of a button. For additional information please visit our website at
  7. Looking to prepare for YOUR PE exam? Learn about our RISK-FREE enrollment policy today:
  8. Are you preparing for the October 2019 exam? Sign up for your review course today!
  9. Are you preparing for the October 2019 exam? Sign up for your review course today!
  10. Brandon, I apologize for the delay in response. Scholl of PE has been assisting engineers in passing the PE exams for 15 years. Although this a new course we can assure you that the course will be comprehensive and of superior quality. Our instructors are subject matter experts and are currently working in the field of fire protection. We take your success in passing the exam very seriously.
  11. We certainly understand the stress of waiting for board approval and how this can cause apprehension in registering for a review course. School of PE wants to relieve that concern by offering risk-free enrollment. Please review our risk-free enrollment policy here
  12. If you have a really busy schedule and feel that you need more time than others to prepare for the exam or just want to get started right away, School of PE offers an Ondemand format. This format is perfect for: · Working professionals · College students · Parents · Anyone with a hectic schedule Our Ondemand format is the most flexible format, as it provides immediate access after registration and allows you to study at your own pace. Since registration for the Spring 2019 session is open, you can sign up today and begin studying right away! It’s that easy!
  13. At School of PE we certainly understand how devasting failing a PE exam can be for an engineer. The amount of time spent studying (many times taking away time from your family) and the stress of the preparation could seem fruitless but please do not let these exam results defeat you. After you have time to process these results it is best to, as they say, "Dust yourself off an try again" In the below article you will find some tips that will assist you in passing your exam on the next attempt.
  14. School of PE is proud to offer a Live Online review course for the PE Fire Protection exam. Register now and save up to $300 Classes begin September 9th!
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