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  5. While it is true that those who take an NCEES exam during or right after college have the information needed to take the exam fresh in their mind, efficiently preparing for your chosen exam with a strategic study and preparation plan can lead to success. As we’ve worked with many students who haven’t been in the classroom for 30+ years, we’d like to say we know a thing or two about what helps those students out the best. So why do people believe this misconception? While it is true that those who take an NCEES exam during or right after college have the information needed to take the exam fresh in their mind, efficiently preparing for your chosen exam with a strategic study and preparation plan can lead to success. As we’ve worked with many students who haven’t been in the classroom for 30+ years, we’d like to say we know a thing or two about what helps those students out the best. Read More
  6. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Get those brain juices flowing…” and it makes sense that the flowing of said “brain juices” would be beneficial in studying for the FE Civil, PE Mechanical, or SE Vertical exam, right? So, what is the best way to promote information consolidation? Our answer: Practicing Problems. Actually practicing a set of problems may seem simple enough, but psychological studies have proven that there is a lot of science behind what makes practicing problems effective. In fact, practicing has been found to be one of the most effective techniques for studying because of the boost in cognitive functionality when doing so. Read More
  7. People always talk about their Mount Rushmore's of pro athletes. If you were building a Mount Rushmore today with the most significant Engineers who would they be? List them below, looking forward to seeing everyone's Mount Rushmore.
  8. There is still a limited amount of time to take advantage of up to $300 savings off our Live Online FE review courses. Our students have 10% to 25% increased pass rates over national average*. View our website for details. School of PE Save Now
  9. Do you live by a river, stream, or any other waterway? If so, chances are you cross a bridge often during a commute- whether it be to work, to school, or just to another part of town. Although there are many structural and civil engineers who can be credited for developing the bridges we have and use today, there is one engineer who is largely credited for bridgework and development. In fact, he is considered the “Father of the Iron Bridge.” His name was Squire Whipple. READ MORE
  10. FE EXAM PREP TIPS AND TRICKS: PREPARING AND PRACTICING FOR CBT EXAMS View Our Pass Rates Passing an NCEES FE exam is an essential step in an engineer’s career, as it is typically required before taking the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) licensing exam. As many of our students report that the FE exam is more challenging than the PE exam, preparing for the FE computer-based test (CBT) can be overwhelming. In fact, many FE examinees have reported studying up to 300 hours for the difficult exam. To help reduce stress and the amount of time used to study, we have created a list of tips to help you get the most out of studying and to help you pass your chosen FE exam. Review the FE Reference Handbook The FE Reference Handbook by NCEES is the only reference material that you are able to use during your exam. Before you take your exam, you can download it for free from NCEES’ website. We recommend going through the reference handbook a few times so you have a good grasp of where everything is located. Look over the FE Exam Requirements and Specifications Don’t be that person who goes to the exam and forgets to bring an ID. Make sure you fully read all exam-day requirements including registration time, required documents, and accepted calculators. Also, read over your exam’s specifications before beginning to study, as the specifications lay out the ratio of subjects that will be covered on an exam. NCEES’ FE exam specifications and resources can be found here. Strategically Schedule Your Exam When you are scheduling your exam, try not to schedule it around holidays or any other events that may distract you from studying for long periods of time. We recommend preparing for the FE exam at least four months before you take your exam. Practice, Practice, Practice How do you know when you’ve fully grasped a subject? By practicing! Whether you are taking the FE Mechanical, FE Electrical, or FE Civil exam, practice problems are a great way to prepare for your exam. After studying a subject, test your knowledge by practicing 10-15 problems in that subject area. If you can answer the practice problems correctly, you can confirm that you are prepared for that given subject. If you struggle with the practice problems, consider setting some extra time aside to revisit the subject. Finding a way to practice for your FE exam that closely mimics the NCEES CBT experience is probably the most effective way to practice problems. Attend an FE Exam Prep Course Registering for an FE exam prep course is another helpful way to prepare for the FE exam. School of PE offers FE Chemical, FE Civil, FE Electrical, FE Environmental, FE Industrial, FE Mechanical, and FE Other (General) exam prep courses. Because of School of PE’s Prepare, Practice, Pass initiative, student pass rates continue to be much higher than the national rates. School of PE provides comprehensive lectures, instructor-led practice problem sessions, a Practice Portal, which allows students to independently practice problems that mimic the NCEES CBT exam-taking experience, and organized refresher notes that are perfect for helping students grasp even the most difficult topics. School of PE also designs its courses around NCEES’ exam specifications, so students know that they are studying the topics that are likely to appear on the actual exam.
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  12. Interviews don't have to be scary. The way that you passed your FE exam is the same way you can do great at the interview. All you need is to prepare and practice. Being prepared and making sure to practice will help you to pass the interview. We've compiled a list of 7 common interview questions on our blog. Check it out and learn some excellent advice for having a great interview. Visit our blog
  13. Scenario: You walk into your first PE exam. Although you're a little nervous, and perhaps a bit queasy, you still feel like you're ready to dominate the next 8 hours. You've brought a suitcase of your reference materials, brought your brand-new approved calculator that arrived at your doorstep yesterday (perfect timing), and made sure you stayed up until 2 a.m. to ensure that you went over every last detail in your notes before going to sleep. About halfway through the exam, you realize that you're starting to lose energy. “How am I going to make it through the next four hours?” you think. You've completed 40 questions, and although you spent around 15 minutes trying to figure out how to do a specific problem on your calculator, you feel like you can't be too behind. Once you only have 30 minutes left in the exam, you start to panic. You have 10 questions left and have no idea how you will have enough time to finish them all. _____________________ The above scenario is representative of many examinees who made a few vital mistakes during their last-minute exam preparation. Are you getting ready to take a PE exam, whether it be a CBT in the next few weeks, or a pencil and paper exam next October? As you prepare, it's important to understand best practices for taking an NCEES exam. As an exam review course provider, we get the chance to talk to many students who have taken the exam before, many who have shared their biggest regrets while taking their chosen PE exam. Whether you are taking the PE exam for the first time or second time, we've listed some of the most common mistakes below. Check them out to ensure that you will avoid them all when taking the PE exam, which will increase the likelihood of you passing! School of PE 1. Spending too much time on a question Many first-time exam takers of the PE exam may have issues with time management. On a typical PE exam, an examinee is given 8 hours to complete 80 questions. So, each question generally should get 6 minutes dedicated to it. If you find yourself struggling with a question, simply skip it and move on to the next question and come back to that question later. A great way to manage your time is to bring a stopwatch (make sure to turn the sound off) or wristwatch to the exam to keep time with. 2. Not getting enough sleep It’s completely understandable that many people want to cram the night before an exam. As tempting as that may sound, staying up too late will be detrimental to your exam performance. If you don’t get enough sleep, after a few hours of taking the exam, you’ll most likely run out of stamina and will not be able to think clearly as needed. The night before the exam, make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep. Feel free to look over your notes and reference materials an hour or two before going to bed, as this will help with memory consolidation. 3. Getting caught up in your confidence This tip is extremely important and following it can be a clear line of passing versus failing the PE exam. Even if you were a straight A student in school and have a great grasp on a majority of engineering concepts, taking the time to prepare for each topic that is on NCEES’ exam specifications will help refresh things you may have forgotten otherwise. Trust us, if you think you can pass the PE exam without studying, chances are you are wrong. Taking an exam review course that covers every topic is a great strategy to make sure you feel comfortable with every possible topic that may appear on the exam. 4. Packing too many reference materials Yes, NCEES allows you to bring suitcases full of reference materials for pencil and paper exams. Should you do it? Maybe, maybe not. It all truly depends on your organization of your binders and books so that you don’t spend valuable time during the exam trying to find something in your reference materials. Our suggestion: print out organized, consolidated notes written by our PE instructors, which will provide you everything you need to reference during the exam. 5. Not learning how to use your calculator We get it- some people have favorite models of calculators which may not be on NCEES’ approved calculator list. Make sure to look at the approved list a few months in advance of taking your exam so that you can not only ensure you get an approved model in time, but also so that you can learn how to use that calculator. Not sure where to start when learning how to use a new calculator? Finding a free calculator training tutorial should do the trick! School of PE for the best Exam Prep!
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