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  1. School of PE is looking for PE professionals to write sample engineering questions to enhance our review courses. Not interested in writing questions we need people to review the written questions as well. If you are in interested in exploring this offer please click on the below link to answer a few questions letting us know your preferences.
  2. Whether you received the exam results desired or not we would like to take the time to say congratulations to all those who took on the challenge of taking these exams. The amount of time, dedication and hard work that is put into PE exam preparation is astonishing. Being an educator directly related to exam preparation we have been able to share in the joy of those who have passed the exam and have been humbled by the stories of those who worked so very hard but fell short of reaching that elusive passing score. Throughout our many years in this field, we have spoken with numerous examinees who did not pass the exam on their first attempt and became even more discouraged to attempt the exam again after reviewing the repeat test taker exam results. Although the results look grim please know that this is not a death sentence. Many times, a repeat examinee will get caught up in solely studying the areas where they did poorly the first time they attempted the exam and forget to refresh on the topics that they scored well on in a past attempt. They can also fall prey to the thought of "I only failed by a few points so there is no need to study as much as I did previously". Unfortunately, neither one of these cases leads to positive results. As a repeat test taker, an examinee needs to prepare with the same veracity as they did for the previous exam. Even though the NCEES exam syllabus typically remains the same or may only have minor changes, the types of questions and the areas of focus often change significantly between each of the exam sessions. A lack of proper preparation can lead to another failed attempt. After speaking with hundreds of students over the years we have also determined that confidence can be an issue as well. Oddly enough this can either be too much confidence or not enough. Too much confidence can cause a test taker to lack in their preparation and even rush through problems during an exam assuming they know the answer because "they have done this before". On the inverse, many repeat examinees can lack the confidence to know that a particular solution is correct because they are subconsciously thinking about their previous experience and how they may have felt confident in a particular area but do not score as well as they had thought they would. At School of PE we are not only here to assist you in your preparation by providing review materials, instructor lead classes, ondemand classes as well as practice problems and solutions we are here to help in building the necessary confidence to pass the PE exams. School of PE provides students many features that can address their areas of concern and relay their past experiences to other students. We provide access to send questions to the instructor (even for our ondemand review courses), student-led discussion forums and one on one individualized tutoring sessions. School of PE takes your success very seriously and attributes your success to our success.
  3. Since the information is still fresh in your mind you will not need to spend valuable time brushing up on topics such as mathematics and probability and statics, unlike someone who not been in school for quite some time. The FE exam covers a large number of topics which can prove to be difficult for someone who has not been recently acclimated to a study schedule. School of PE provides courses that will assist you in your exam preparation without making you feel as though you are back in school.
  4. We are very disappointed to hear that you were dissatisfied with our course. School of PE always strives to provide a quality product and our student's satisfaction is our number one priority.
  5. Although there are benefits to moving to CBT exams, School of PE certainly understands that many test takers are more comfortable with the traditional paper & pencil exam. With that being said we would like to take this time to remind everyone that the last PE Mechanical Exam is scheduled for October 25th, 2019, which is only a few months away. Keeping this deadline in mind you should also consider the average student spends 180 to 200 hours preparing for the PE exams so the time to start studying for this exam is now. School of PE provides a review course that not only comprehensively reviews the pertinent topics but also provides problem-solving techniques as well as tips on tackling the paper & pencil exam.
  6. All too often those who are looking to take the PE exam struggle to know which exam to take. This is especially true when deciding between the PE Civil Water Resources and Environmental exam or the PE Environmental exam. If you can identify with this struggle click on the link below for some guidance in your decision-making process.
  7. Schoole of PE is looking for experienced professionals to write sample engineering questions to enhance our review courses. If you are in interested in exploring this offer please click on the below link to answer a few questions letting us know your preferences.
  8. The initial anxiety that comes with preparing for the PE Exam is always associated with the level of difficulty. School of PE recognizes this stressor and wants to assist you in easing your concerns. Please go to the following link for more details:
  9. The October 2018 exam has come and gone, and now School of PE is striving to prepare PE students for the Spring 2019 exam. If you are wanting to begin studying right away, check out our Ondemand format! Our Ondemand format is the most flexible format, as it provides immediate access after registration and allows you to study at your own pace. Since registration for the Spring 2019 session is open, you can sign up today and begin studying right away! It’s that easy!
  10. In need of continuing education classes to earn PDH credits? As a division of EduMind, an online education provider, we want to make sure we provide engineers the resources they need to succeed in their career! EduMind offers continuing education courses for engineers and will soon launch webinar courses. Check our website soon for updates! By the way, if you are interested in writing or teaching continuing education courses, please fill out our course writer interest form.
  11. Are you a procrastinator? Do you wait until the absolute last second possible before you begin working on a project or studying for an exam? We get it; studying is extremely time consuming, and it is easy to keep putting it off! School of PE is excited to announce its newly created Ondemand Lite option for its PE and SE review courses. We understand that some people like to study at the last minute, which is the main reason we decided to launch this new course format. If you feel like you need a quick refresher before taking the PE or SE exam, the Ondemand Lite course is a great option. Prepare, Practice, Pass Anytime, Anywhere It's that easy!
  12. Were you thinking about signing up for our Live Online course? Hurry before it's too late! Our courses are filling up and our early registration discounts are going to expire soon! See scheduling, pricing, and register here:
  13. Want to know the benefits of becoming a professional engineer while serving in the military? We recently released an article on just that! Check it out here:
  14. We appreciate everything our military does for our country. To thank military men and women for their service, we are happy to provide a $100 military discount on our exam review courses. Learn about this new discount by clicking here.
  15. Preparing for the PE exam can be stressful at times. To help you out in the studying process, we made a list if studying tips, which can be found by clicking here. Happy studying
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