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  1. Bellyache and kickboxing is a bad combo. So is a belly full of, well, anything, and kickboxing.
  2. Nope. But someday I will be. Maybe.
  3. Gross. Especially since there are less of us crazy SE wannabe's out there.
  4. So... what happens to the spam thread when all these tests have turned CBT.... and there is no more 8-12 week wait? Sigh.
  5. vhab49_PE

    Texas Results

    @ashmur90 I agree, it was the worst feeling. I sent my hubs a text telling him I didn't pass, then he called me, but I couldn't get words out so I just cried at him on the phone. Just get back on the dang horse. I know lots of great engineers who took this beast many times. Finally seeing that green pass was worth it.
  6. If I had seen the comment before I ate it, I would have!
  8. I felt bad for my coworker who found out 4 1/2 days after I did because of Illinois. Luckily he passed also.
  9. gAR i'M HUNGRY NOW, THANKS. Sorry, was typing plan notes.
  10. Agreed. And then the neighbor threatens to have a house built on the empty lot next door... and to stop it you buy the land so they can't do that. Sigh. Only 6 more years on that loan.
  11. Going to pick up kitten antibiotic. Yay.
  12. I mean, technically you can write down whatever you want, once you leave the room.
  13. My guess is the guy who posted this had passed prior to this cycle.
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