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  1. PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    Oh, I want a pom-pom on the end of a NCEES pencil. Not enough to take the exam again though...
  2. Stuff to bring to test

    To be fair, this will vary a wee bit based on discipline. The AASHTO code takes up most of one box - our printed copy is in (2) 8" binders. I am not at all familiar with it, (I don't do bridges) but it also has probably the best index of all of the codes, so I got a couple right due to just having it with me. There were 2-3 books I tossed in at the last minute that I pulled direct equations from that otherwise I would not have been able to solve in the time I had left. I however did not have six boxes, that is probably overkill.
  3. this is why I just work for a living....

    I wanted to start a gofundme when we were buying the empty lot next to ours when the guys who owned it said rather than try to sell it they were going to put a spec house on it.
  4. Haha, I wanted to go to Italy for our 10th, but we are headed into 13. Maybe 15?

    It is an error that will bite you in the butt if you aren't really careful!

    Environmental will be an all day enviro exam, Geotech is tough. You know you, we don't. Based on my education, I could have done Civil-Structural or Mechanical Machine design, but I don't DO Mechanical work, so it did not make sense to me. I may have an interest in transportation, but is it a good subject for me to test on? Probably not. I don't know how to answer your question other than to say, based on your education and experience, what do you feel the most comfortable with.

    1.17" IF I understand what you are asking. How did you do it?
  8. PE Registration

    Most of them are only paper. Chemical is now CBT. Unless you are looking at the FE page and not the PE page, those are all CBT now. You don't get a choice, you take what your discipline is offered in.
  9. Stuff to bring to test

    Sounds about right. My Mechanical friend had a milk crate sized trolley.
  10. Stuff to bring to test

    This is what I used. Minus the little one in the middle. Plus a 31 carryall tote and another book that didn't fit in anywhere else. And my bag of food/drink. Overkill? Maybe, but I know some of the obscure books I debated leaving at home were used to pull equations from, and I was very glad I had them. Granted, I'm structural, so ALL.THE.CODES.
  11. Best Civil PE + Structural Depth Review Materials

    I found your documents useful in studying, I didn't use them much during the exam, but it may have been more that at that point I knew where to look for things. Must have worked - passed! I did do a prep course this time for the AM, since I had zero classes in civil outside of geotech and structural, and I don't use it in my day to day. I also helped that my husband is a civil guy also, and I utilized a lot of his old textbooks this time around. I used an older 6-min solutions, and I think the most helpful was that even if I knew how to solve it, I still had to look things up to verify changes in codes between versions.
  12. SE exam in Michigan State

    Iowa does not have the SE title either, but you can take the exam there anyway.
  13. It's Friday!!!!

    We get Christmas Eve as a holiday... Today was our observed holiday. a Friday off is super rare for me.
  14. Happy birthday, kf!!

    Sorry I missed it! Was inspecting some roof deck. Woah fun. Happy birthday!
  15. It's Friday!!!!

    It's my FriYAY! (Well, client wants me to come in for a meeting tomorrow... will see if that comes to be). Also...look what I put in my username! License number assigned today! Woot!