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  1. I had a whole 6 ft table to myself. Might even have been 8 ft, as I had a crate on each side of my chair, and some wiggle room.
  2. Headphones are not allowed. And earplugs bother me, so I was actually better off without them. I did take some earplugs, but never used them.
  3. I agree with Leggo, I don't see how any of the options work. EDIT: I have revised my opinion. See below.
  4. I took it twice, and felt like the April 2017 exam was harder than the October 2017 exam. Part of it may have been that I studied so much more the second time, but also the questions in the October exam were pretty well aligned with my personal knowledge base, whereas the April exam covered many topics I don't work on often, so I am less familiar with them. In other words, it is impossible to know what they are going to ask. I do feel like the NCEES practice exam was a little easier than the actual exam.
  5. It's been a full year (and some) for me, and I STILL get anxiety thinking about it. So I try not to.
  6. On the civil morning... they are not likely to get into anything outside of elastic. Perhaps in the afternoon for structural, although in my experience, not even there.
  7. The first question is remain the same, as the deflection equation does not include yield stress. It is dependent on the shape and elastic modulus of the material.
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