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  1. One Week (+1 day) left

    I am going to go do a 12 hour inspection tomorrow, and then a practice exam Saturday. Then, I may go sit in a corner and cry. I woke up stressing out about open channel flow last night. Feeling pretty good if that is the first test related dream I have had this go around and just a week out. I took off Wednesday & Thursday, (well, and obv Friday) to do some last minute prep and just chill.
  2. NCEES email in your inbox!

    I took the exam on April21, 2017, got the survey on April 27, 2017 and FAILED.
  3. NCEES email in your inbox!

    It is likely a sign that they know you took the test. But maybe not!
  4. Watcha reading?

    Right now, a combination of ACI, AISC, IBC, NDS AASHTO and CERM. Next Saturday reading for fun! OMG it has been so long! The last fiction book I read was.... I don't remember. I'm sure it was good. I am in a book club also, although on hiatus at the mo. OK, I looked back at my email, and the book I was reading was Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica. Then my loan ended and I had to wait for it to be back in, then I had to study. SO I guess I will have to start over from the beginning to try to remember what it was about. Sigh.
  5. I plan to work one more practice exam this weekend, then organize, pack and relax.
  6. Vertical curve problem

    I'm with you! Thankfully I should not have to encounter many of these on the test. Good luck utilityeng.
  7. Vertical curve problem

    NOTE: I am not a transpo engineer, and have a very tentative grasp of curves. But aren't vertical curve stations based on projection onto an x-axis? So I get that the elevation difference over 300 feet is 9 foot at a 3% grade, thus 365.94'-(334.56+9)=22.38'. I don't know if that is correct or not. (It would be great if it is, since I didn't look that up at all.)
  8. LinkedIn Protips

    You found me. I am very tricky. Or not.
  9. LinkedIn Protips

    IS that what I have been doing wrong?
  10. Exam Day Reference Book Transportation

    I used this and the crate that goes with it. They lock together for easy transport. http://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-22-in-Pro-Gear-Cart-Black-222573/205441921 My table was large enough to have references on the table - only the ones I was working with. most of them stayed on the floor. I had one box on my left and one on my right. As for security, I think this would vary based on locations, but I would think that NCEES would be protective of the test materials that are in the room during the break, so can't imagine it being an issue. I left my stuff in the room. I have heard a recommendation that you take your calculator along though.
  11. Have you ever gone home for a nooner?

  12. Greetings from CA

  13. Happy Test Month

    Not thrilled about the drive back either way. The other issue is that test day is also my birthday, and I'd kinda like to spend a wee bit of time with my family. Although I have already told them I will be observing my birthday in November this year.
  14. Happy Test Month

    I'm torn between my post exam options. I will be about 3 hours from home, but have some friends who will be there tailgating that weekend, so I could just stay overnight again, or we have a friend who is having a party the next morning/afternoon, so I can drive the 3 hours back and have my drink at home. Last time I was quite respectable and only had two <beer stine>> glasses of wine.
  15. Happy Test Month

    I had a few more than 15. Some I used but didn't think I would need to, and some I didn't use that I thought I would. One I wanted to use but decided at the last minute not to bring. <<Note to self - bring that this time>>