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  1. Dude! You rock! Thanks so much for breaking this down like this. I was thinking of looking of doing the Certified Professional Constructor but now thinking the CCM may be more suited to me. I work for the Federal Government and I don't manage construction per se but I oversee the contractors management of the construction. I also provide discrepancy assistance and lately I seem to do a lot of conflict mediation. My project managers generally get their PMP and figure someday I will need to get that as well but not until I want to get out of the field and sit at a desk all day
  2. any word on MN?

    Mine is posted online also but I mailed my check pretty quick last week. I know of others that have passed but their name is still not posted because they didn't send in their $120 yet...
  3. I've tried to do some digging and can't seem to see where anyone has done an analysis of the differences between the two. Can anyone provide any information on which is better? What are the key differences? Thanks!
  4. I just read this on the MN Board website: New PE Exam Specifications Starting in April 2018 NCEES has announced several specification and other changes to exams beginning with the April 2018 administration. The following exams are affected: Architectural Engineering all 3 Electrical and Computer exams; also the “Electrical and Electronics” exam will be renamed “Electronics, Controls, and Communications” Environmental; also it will be reduced from 100 to 80 questions Structural 16-hour; also it will have new design standards Civil will have revised design standards for the Construction and Structural modules. I'm not sure what this means for construction exam but anytime they change the specifications, I imagine that new references are required which mean more money to spend on more material that you don't already have.
  5. CT PE Application !

    You need to look this information up online. A quick google search resulted in the following http://www.ct.gov/dcp/lib/dcp/pdf/applications_added_2012/pel01-12jun.pdf Do you have your EIT? The application does not appear to need your supervisor to be a PE. If you cannot distinguish from the application - call the board and ask them.
  6. Asking for a raise after passing the PE Exam.

    I was just promoted into a higher paying position (about $6k/year with 3% kickers on set dates) but was not hinged on the passing the PE, but it was 'suggested' that if I did not pass, I should keep trying until I pass. I work for the Federal Gov't and we don't stamp our drawings so having the PE is just indication of having the knowledge and seniority in the ranks. PE is required if you transition into a supervisory position, which I would be on track for in about 6-8 years. I've only been working for about 5 years but have about 5 years military prior to college with some leadership time, so I am a little ahead of my coworkers that have been out of college the same amount of time as me.
  7. Construction Depth Pass?

    I just received passing results for my first time try on Construction. While working 45-50 hours a week and getting my Master's degree in Building Construction. Wife and 3 kids. 34 years old - but graduated in 2012 with my C.E. degree. I took the School of PE (SoPE) breadth and depth review course. I did the on-demand program as it was the only one that fit my schedule with work and travel. I had all of the recommended NCEES references and the CERM and all SoPE notes broken into topic binders (Water/Traffic/Structure/Geotech/Econ/Construction AM/Construction PM) and 6-minute solutions for Construction. I also had purchased the PPI Construction Depth Reference Manual and CERM Practice Problems - neither of which I ever used. I took multiple exams beginning with 4 - hour AM exams (NCEES, PPI, and Rajapakse) Then I transitioned to 8 hour full exams (PPI and NCEES) I left the NCEES exam as the last one I took because I assumed that it was the most representative of the actual exam (not sure if this is an accurate assumption). I did find that some of the exams had almost identical questions on them. While watching the videos, I would pause the video, tab my notes, work on the problems before the instructor worked through them, etc. Most of my studies were done on Friday afternoons and all day Saturday and Sunday (5-7 hours on Friday and 10-12 hours on each weekend day). I started studying in January. I took the entire week of the exam off to relax and compile notes and lightly review my material. I finished all of the SoPE on-demand videos about 2 weeks before the exam but had already been taking practice exams before this point. I worked through 6-minute solutions with my stop watch. All of my practice exams were timed and I stuck to the time as best as I could. I even did 1 practice exam at my office, on a Saturday, after packing up all of my material and carting it in there, just like I would on the exam. All of my material fit into 2 milk crates but I took 3 crates with a 2-wheeled dolly. I had water/snacks/ear plugs/2x calculators. I also took all of my practice exams, but ended up not using them for anything. My best guess is that I have 350-400 hours studying in the exam.
  8. States that have Issued PE License Number

    Have to send in a check for $120 to Minnesota before I get my license number and wallet card. Certificate suitable for framing will be ordered and come in the future.
  9. any word on MN?

    All in MN are passing! Congratulations!
  10. any word on MN?

    Passed Civil - Construction! Letter came in the mail today! First time taker!!
  11. any word on MN?

    Congrats! I won't be home until about 4pm. I will check my mail - but don't think its in the mailbox...
  12. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    Well then I agree fully with you - women in STEM are needed and should be boosted in heavily male dominant occupations. I am a civil engineer and there were few women in my classes and even fewer in my office (and I work for the Feds). My daughter is studying aerospace engineering and I worry about her being in male dominated classes and hope she is not undermined or looked down upon for being a woman. I did not go back to your original post - but thought someone was alluding to women receiving extra points on the PE exam. Maybe it is just my nerves from waiting for my exam results are making me see things. I apologize and did not mean to come across as adversarial.
  13. any word on MN?

    Possible - I'm in Blaine (Anoka County) but I believe our mail comes out of the Minneapolis post office. My coworker is in Hennepin County and did not receive either. Either way - I'm going to continue to stress this until it's over!
  14. any word on MN?

    Agree - I know of one other person and myself that have not yet received. I signed up for informed delivery and it is now showing mail that is arriving today - but my notification letter is not shown on the app. Ugh!
  15. any word on MN?

    Likewise! Maybe they will release on NCEES today also???