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  1. Time to resurrect this topic again. I reside and practice in the state of Florida. I just passed the SE exam I would like to slap SE at the end of my name but I am a bit hesitant because Florida doesn't recognize the SE. Would it be appropriate for me to use the SE title if I am registered in a state with a roster designation? My company does do some work in states that have roster designations but not in the states with the "full practice act". I really don't want to pay Hawaii or Illinois just to put SE at the end of my name since I doubt that I will ever practice there. For those that are interested. Here is a link to how the different states treat the SE: http://www.ncsea.com/resources/licensure/
  2. Many thanks to EET! I took their lateral review course this time around and was able to pass vertical first try.
  3. Florida is out. Passed Lateral!! I passed vertical in April so that's it for me!
  4. Checking the PE boards it looks like Kentucky, Vermont, and Rhode Island still haven't posted PE results
  5. For those that are interested, I contacted NCEES about the problem in question. I found that the best way to do this is to email them at help@ncees.org
  6. That is not a bad idea. I think I will submit a comment to NCEES on that one.
  7. Phil, I wonder if the afternoon problem that tripped you up was the same one that got me. Without getting into any details about the problem. Was it the first one presented in the afternoon?
  8. I took vertical buildings in April of this year and passed so this time around I only took the lateral portion. I felt that the morning was fair, I ended up I guessed on two of them. The afternoon was okay but I ran out of time on the last problem that I was working on. I ended up just writing down the equations that I would use to solve the questions on two of the sub-parts. I hope it's enough for a "Needs Improvement".
  9. The waiting game begins for SE results. It looks like past cycles have gotten results sometime in mid December. What is your over/under on the results release date?
  10. Florida out. Passed vertical
  11. Make that one more person with an issue on a couple of questions on the morning vertical. I felt like I was doing them correctly but I wasn't getting any of the options. Of course there is also the possibility that I was just doing them wrong.
  12. Have you hear that about the vertical and the lateral morning portion?
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