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  1. It *looks like* transportation may require the 2018 green book for the next test (April 2019). Oh well... Info: https://store.transportation.org/item/collectiondetail/180
  2. Thanks! I think it might still be worth it if they had a couple HCM 6th edition problems with more of the new adjustments that have to be made (e.g., weather); didn't see it in the first sample problem.
  3. The site has four am and four pm problems, and some were similar to past practice exams. I have the following practice exams: 2000 (all exams), 2008, 2011, 2014 (since I work with a lot of licensed engineers). I'm just wondering if most of the problems in the 2018 practice exam are new or different types of problems from the past, and thus worthwhile purchasing.
  4. Is the 2018 NCEES practice exam booklet (transportation) similar to the 2014 booklet? Looking at past practice exams, some of the same problems are listed. Is it worth purchasing?
  5. That’s pretty good, considering one should get 28 in both sessions! I’ve started reorganizing my AM material just in case I have to do it again. 🙄
  6. Took AM and PM. Think I did okay in the PM thanks to Samir but the AM will have to wait and see.
  7. Sorry for the lack of reply but was busy with work and wih studying. Yes, the exam did use the 6th version and there are notable changes between 2010 and the 6th version.
  8. AM was tough, but PM was okay. Too many guesses in the morning.
  9. Signed up for EET and got my binders (on-demand breadth and depth). Just wasted an hour plus of my life writing to them about being unable to read some equations, wordings, powers, subscripts, etc. Almost everything in soils, structures and materials is so small and hard on me with poor vision. Also started watching the structures video and had to replay every minute or so to make sure I understood the message. Hopefully, this pays off in the end!
  10. Are there big changes between the two? Could one get by using HCM 2010 on the October 2018 exam? Okay so now I'm a little confused as the TRB site states "*Important note* Professional engineering exams have not been updated to include information from the HCM Sixth Edition. Individuals seeking to use the Highway Capacity Manual to prepare for their exams should purchase the HCM2010." although the new Specifications call for the HCM 6th edition. I have just written to TRB to obtain clarification.
  11. Merry Christmas ptotohed! Thanks for your reply. I try to maintain the original author's lettering when using an equation, thus the use of "g" (for the grade in decimal) instead of "G". For reference to the problem, I was looking at Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam by Indranil G., Pg. 129, problem 130. For reference to the equation used, please see the attached image. It makes sense that the SSD will be shorter on an upslope and longer on a downslope, just couldn't nail down where to find this explanation.
  12. When finding the stopping sight distance using the following equation SSD = 1.47 Vt + (V^2 / 30(f ± g)) how do we know when to use f+g or f-g? (Unable to find any explanation like “with a downslope, use f+g”.)
  13. FWIW. Had one colleague pass and one fail the Hawaii April 2017 exam. The former got his congrats letter within several days of the first day. The latter had a long wait and had his result posted on the NCEES site (probably after the board meeting based on above).
  14. Curious to know how a grade 61 is obtained from a raw score of 41.
  15. AM (breadth) was tough. Did not expect *many* of the questions based on some of the past practice exams (2000, 2008, 2011, 2014). By comparison, PM (depth) seemed reasonable, although still quite difficult.
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