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  1. Hmm... I wonder if someone else is going to be the democrat nominee for president in November? One can wonder. B8D9EDD3-7280-4598-8B7D-B47EEC6BDC0F.MP4
  2. True. As I said, I don’t know the situation on the mainland but it seems if you can get people to be aware of social distancing, you can reduce the severity of the problem. I just based it off of one video where some people were brushing off police asking them to disperse and they were arguing and trying to get in the face of the police. In Hawaii, there are some homes (actually many) with 5 or 6 *families* under one roof, or two or three generations. Many of them (at least the ones I know) are using masks (like bandanas) when in the house and trying to practice distancing as best they can. They are also practicing disinfecting. So far, we haven’t heard of any of these homes getting affected in the news. There is just one case where the son passed it on to his mother.
  3. When Hawaii has problems, we find that there are “the usual suspects”. Depending on the type of issue, we can break it down by race, religion, living condition (specifically homeless), etc. I was just surprised by what I was viewing and reading yesterday; things are different in Hawaii so we don’t have the same issues as on the mainland. I came across a video on twitter where African Americans still appear to defy social distancing rules. So I started reading some news articles: NBC10 Philly: “ Data on who is getting affected with the novel coronavirus and their racial demographics is limited right now. Early results in Philadelphia however indicate a higher rate of contraction and death among African-Americans.” Propublica: “Early data shows African Americans have contracted and died of coronavirus at an alarming rate ... Black people are being infected and dying at alarming rates. Here’s what Milwaukee is doing about it - and why governments need to start releasing data on the race of Covid-19 patients.” Propublica: ”In Michigan where the state’s population is 14% black, African Americans made up 35% of cases and 40% of deaths as of Friday morning. Detroit, where a majority of residents are black, has emerged as a hotspot with a high death toll. As has New Orleans. Louisiana has not published case breakdowns by race, but 40% of the state’s death have happened in Orleans Parish, where the majority of residents are black.” Propublica: “Illinois and North Carolina are two of the few areas publishing statistics on Covid-19 cases by race, and their data shows a disproportionate number of African-Americans were affected.” NYT: “Days after a funeral in a Georgia town, coronavirus hit like a bomb ... Ninety percent of the people who died were African-American.” wbez.org: “ In Chicago, 70% of COVID-19 deaths are black.” It seems a lot of deaths can be prevented - by outreach.
  4. Chinese PPE. All for a flu-like illness. 🧐 07A9925E-C075-4D60-843D-8F64C4CD62CE.MP4
  5. Don’t think some Chinese will ever starve. Eew... DE907E5F-972B-4E1E-ADA1-5C7773D9A8C6.MP4
  6. Chinese face mask quality control. E14EC56B-821B-453E-912F-84F85C7A40BA.MP4
  7. Be careful out there. First infant casualty; investigation ongoing. https://abc7chicago.com/amp/coronavirus-illinois-cornoavirus-cases-update-chicago-hot-spot/6057864/
  8. It would be ludicrous to think that there may have been a larger number of deaths than what the Chinese reported. Some article mentioned that since 21 million cell phone accounts were recently closed in China, the actual number of deaths may be higher. Well, I got news for them. Most of the older generation in China do not use cell phones so I would say 21 million people just no longer thought a phone was necessary. \sarc https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-closing-of-21-million-cell-phone-accounts-in-china-may-suggest-a-high-ccp-virus-death-toll_3281291.html
  9. Forgot to mention that he would be keeping another of his campaign promises.
  10. Not interested in conspiracy theories but saw some things that seemed interesting. First I like to follow the health ranger for health advice so I read one of his non-health articles with interest. https://thedailycoin.org/2019/02/25/signed-executive-orders-reveal-trump-is-planning-mass-arrests-military-tribunals-for-deep-state-traitors-like-comey-clinton-and-obama-update/ It seems PDJT may be using the current coronavirus scare as a distraction to keep people safe and indoors. He might have learned about this in 2017 from none other than Dr. Fauci himself, who said “there is no doubt DJT will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency”. https://www.healio.com/infectious-disease/emerging-diseases/news/online/%7B85a3f9c0-ed0a-4be8-9ca2-8854b2be7d13%7D/fauci-no-doubt-trump-will-face-surprise-infectious-disease-outbreak We just learned that the good doctor loves Hilliarity. https://twitter.com/TomFitton/status/1241468836882284544 There may be a shutdown of the internet in the very near future. Interesting that today the government is launching “a critical new national asset into orbit for secure communications.” https://twitter.com/US_SpaceCom/status/1242855983338016768 Another interesting thing is that something may be up during April 1st through 10th. https://twitter.com/txphotonski/status/1242824304259145728 Trump yesterday mentioned that there may be large Easter gatherings this year. Only way that would be possible is that the first article has to be legit. https://twitter.com/KarluskaP/status/1242539013677989890 And some celebrities with questionable links are going absolute nuts. https://twitter.com/i/status/1240868438115078154 https://twitter.com/i/status/1241035131554615298 Disclaimer: All of the above can be considered pure bull but it makes a nice story (at least for me).
  11. Oh, sorry. Just saw the small arrow pointing up. Just sharing what I see on the news coming mostly out of Taiwan. A lot of similar “scary” info can also be found by following Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter (Harvard guy). His predictions are pretty dire for the US, which he says may be greater than 10k infected right now.
  12. No. I am super excited about this. In the fall of 2017 (Rosh Hashana to be exact), I was honestly expecting the rapture to happen. Since then, after the election of Trump, things have gotten really good and I sort of dozed off at the wheel, so to speak. This coronavirus has all the makings of putting us back on track to the Bible prophecies given in the books of Ezekiel, Psalms, Daniel and Revelation. Perhaps this will crash the world economy and mr. 666 will come on the scene with all the answers. In any case, the dynamics this has caused appears irreversible at this point. We are moving toward a one world system where TPTB will probably scare everyone into a cashless system (maybe by saying that cash can carry deadly viruses) and provide all with the false hopes of peace and security (per the Bible, not my words). Currently, I think the rapture will happen when the fullness of the gentiles is reached, that is, a last person accepting Christ as his/her Savior. It could happen at any time, and with the current environment of fear, more are turning to the Lord every hour.
  13. Many people get the flu every year in Hawaii, and it is pretty widespread still. And many people still have colds even though temperatures are comfortable enough to wear t-shirts and shorts.
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