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  1. US may be in trouble. There is a patient at the UC Davis hospital that went from one hospital to another to get tested for the coronavirus. Due to the CDC guidelines, no hospital would test him. Eventually one did and he was diagnosed as infected; first community transmission case. Perhaps that’s the reason for state of emergency?
  2. And also non-lead pellets in case gotta get some mountain doves for food.
  3. Concerning San Francisco, seems like the city just wants to get more money from the federal government. Perhaps they just don’t want a good crisis to go to waste.
  4. San Francisco has apparently just declared a State of Emergency over the coronavirus, despite no cases. It seems like they are getting everyone *mentally* prepped for the inevitable.
  5. Iran's death rate is in the teens (was 18% yesterday and 15% today). One interesting point of note is that, although very few cases, they all recovered relatively quickly: India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. I occasionally listen to people like the health ranger and Dr. Mercola and they like to talk about how different foods can help with your health. I will be eating Indian curry today for lunch, and buying some of the curry sauces from the neighborhood store; btw I like Indian curry with naan.
  6. Today, Japan, Hong Kong, and now South Korea are travel advisory levels 2, 2, and 2 on both the U.S. State and CDC websites. They were 1, 1, and none yesterday on the U.S. State website, respectively.
  7. Was reading up on the timeline in China. If we should ever reach this uptick, it would probably be too late to take any measures for the general population. Hawaii would (possibly) become Wuhan. Another interesting thing I have learned recently is that healthy people in China are being arrested for not wearing a face mask. Still trying to find out the reasoning for the need of healthy Chinese people to wear a face mask in public.
  8. I agree with what you say but I don't think this is an ordinary coronavirus. People I know are uneasy since we recently found out that the reason we have zero cases in Hawaii is because no one has been tested yet. Our state's initial test kits were flawed and the new test kits are expected to arrive here mid-March. Also, wasn't too thrilled yesterday that Japan and Hong Kong were listed as travel advisory level 1; S. Korea must not be that far behind. China hit level 4 relatively quickly. Since Hawaii is a tourist destination, there are thousands of travelers still coming to Hawaii daily from Japan and Korea (not sure about Hong Kong). About the only good thing here (re: coronavirus) is that the UV index here is through the roof and it is warm so any moisture dries up quickly (not that humid at present). Hopefully, this advantage is keeping the possibility of catching the virus lower.
  9. This thing is now a concern in Hawaii due to the Japanese couple from Nagoya allegedly getting infected here. What would you put in your preparedness kit (besides food, water, masks, gloves, wipes, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, clorox)? Sambucus? Colloidal silver with nebulizer? Olive leaf extract? Vitamin C/D? Ideas appreciated!
  10. I still collect coins but find more fun in getting sterling silver for pennies on the dollar at the local goodwill shops. My coin collection is pretty large with a handful of pre-1800 US coins. What you can also do is get coin rolls from the local banks and go through them. Last year, I found an indian head cent (1907) in one of the rolls. Speaking of indian head pennies, I just have two more to complete the whole set: 1872 and 1908s (already own 1877 and 1909s). The point is getting them cheap. The 2$ nickel rolls at the banks still have a few 1940's and more of the 50's nickels.There are also local online auctions that I take part in, especially grabbing the international silver coins that are "cheap" (relative to the melt value). There is also a shop here that has weekly auctions, but getting values there are tough as there are many collectors. My dream coins that I have yet to obtain are the 1909s vdb lincoln cent and the 1955 double die, but not actively pursuing them. I have a couple of the 1972 double die obverse coins and one of the 1983 double die reverse coin. My joy is in imagining the history of the coins as well as the sterling silver ware. That's why sterling silver items with names on them are the best for me. I can look up the names and see who the owners were and what they did.
  11. 日本、十三年間すんでた。関西に。その時、毎日、バタバタ忙しゅうやってんまんねんやんか。今の仕事は、あの時と比べると、楽チンポン!
  12. Out at 4:13 am HST (about an hour ago)
  13. Considering you’re on the Big Island, i would wait till Monday. I know it’s not easy to wait (this was my fourth attempt); there was only one case I remember where someone on Kauai got the letter the same time as people on Oahu. Hopefully, NCEES posts early Monday morning, before the rooster crows, and you get good news!
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