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  1. Ah, but that isn't what I typed. I was referring to the admissions push. Good for you if you didn't realize it was going on, but as a female engineer in a highly selective college that was trying to boost the female engineer numbers, I ran it to that quite a bit. Actually, I worked in the admissions office for a while and saw it first hand. I'm not trying to put female engineers down (being one, I actually think we're awesome...), but I do think there's a point here. If you try too hard to get people in the door (by making it easier), it undermines that group's credibility.
  2. Same to all of that. EET was amazing for the afternoon, and I doubt I could have put together the same reference book without them. I was thinking that if I failed, it was because I would have missed all of the structural-related problems in the morning (and who knows - maybe I still did).
  3. CO is out.
  4. Binkers41


    Thanks!! Now that the wait is over, it's slurpee time!!
  5. Binkers41


    Sorry. Don't be demoralized - at the end of the day, it's just a test on information we mostly don't encounter in our jobs. You'll get it next time!!
  6. Binkers41


    Colorado is out!! PHEW!
  7. Binkers41


    Thanks - same to you @Tigger! I keep thinking there's someone at the board who has the power to release the results, and is just either doing other things or purposely making us wait because they can.
  8. Binkers41


    Yep, this exactly (except with a water resources twist).
  9. Binkers41


    I guess I spoke too soon! Congrats again!
  10. Binkers41


    Way to go Leggo!!!! That's awesome!!
  11. Binkers41


    So true! I'm not sure how you Californians survive this!!
  12. Binkers41


    Never mind - it's back up. Still no results.
  13. Binkers41


    The DORA website seems to have crashed. Anyone else having the same issues?
  14. I meant back when there was an initiative to get more female engineers into college. Not on tests or anything.
  15. It seems like you would get the same thing some female engineers get in college - did you pass because you made the cut score, or did you need the help from the extra points? Not good from either side.
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