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  1. California PE license No.?

    It's currently at 87,897.
  2. Why can't we all be like Texas

    I'm going to assume I got an 80/80. But realistically, I felt like I was in the range of 55-63 out of 80. Passing is passing!
  3. To Those Who've Failed

    I feel for those that failed. Remember that this is just a test. Being licensed doesn't make you a better or worse engineer. Many of my colleagues and bosses aren't licensed and they're some of the smartest engineers I know. Be sure to thank those that helped you make your emotional and physical investment in taking an exam. Take a month off. Go on vacation. And tackle this beast again in October!
  4. Transportation Results

    Passed in CA! First timer. Took the testmasters course with a poor structures/construction instructor AM: felt like a lot of questions were tailored towards structural and construction. But they were still doable. I used my CERM quite a bit. TBH, I thought I got a good 25/40 questions correct. I probably scored right around 26-32 out of 40. However, I had a bad feeling that if the AM was this hard, that I'd fail. PM: definitely a ton of look up questions. (Maybe 1/4th?) Mark Ingram from testmasters emphasized on working a lot of these problems during the class. And I practiced these with HCM, Greenbook, mutcd, roadside design guide, had a few scanned sheets from Pedestrian facilities book, and HSM. Felt that I scored a good 29-33 out of 40 in this section. At the end, i was cautiously optimistic. i was probably right around 55-65 out of 80. Wish i was in a Texas so I could find out what I got! But let's assume 100%
  5. PE passers by age.

    Whoops. Forgot to mention that I'm 28.
  6. PE passers by age.

    1. Graduated at 24 with B.S. in Civil Engineering June 2013 2. Passed EIT/FE at 24 (3rd time with actual studying) April 2013 3. Passed the 8 hour PE transportation depth (First time!!, with testmasters) April 2017 4. Also went to Coachella weekend 1(4/13-4/15) This was the weekend before the 8 hour! My friends/colleagues said this deserves to be mentioned.
  7. CA Results

    For those that are curious, the current CA PE Civil license number is at 87110.