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  1. Yea!!!! That's awesome!!!! #ittakesaslongasittakes
  2. Yes! I took EET for both breadth and depth (WRE). Made a world of difference. The first two times I took a prep class that was offered at my local university. I didn't major in civil engineering so I felt like I needed the extra help that EET provided. A lot of stuff on the test was brand new to me.
  3. You have to click into the "exams" tab to see all the results (previous fails). On the main page it just shows the most recent for each test.
  4. I passed!!!! This was my third try and I was pretty discouraged after the first two attempts. Seeing that green PASS makes it all worth it! Almost two years of my life devoted to studying for these tests...
  5. NC is out. I passed!! Finally!!! Third time really is a charm!
  6. BEL

    Guess the date!

    What’s the latest in the day results have been released? I remember from previous cycles other people in other states were already celebrating on here (by noon-ish).
  7. Not going there yet. Preparing for the worst. Low expectations and all that.
  8. I'll add some more info as @Surf and Snow did. Test date: 4/13/18 Test location: Raleigh, NC (McKimmon Center at NC State University) Table set-up: Large 2.5' x 10' folding table, two people per table. You could keep books on the table so long as they were standing upright or placed in such a way that the proctors couldn't easily see your test. Bags, shelves, boxes, etc had to stay on the floor. Food and drink could not be placed on the table, not even a bottle of water. I had a folding wagon that I rolled halfway under the table, this kept it out of the aisle and my books were easily accessible (photo below). There are multiple rooms in the McKimmon center, two big rooms (room 1 has about 330 people, room 2 has about 150 people, rooms 3-5 have about 40 people each). You don't get to choose which room you are in, you are assigned. Room 1 was laid out in columns with the center columns being two tables together, so not every seat is on the aisle. The proctors were pretty nice, it's a slow process passing out and collecting all the materials so expect to be patient. Time keeping: There were clocks in the big room 1, but I couldn't see it well enough from my seat for it to have been of use (I have 20/20 vision, do not wear glasses or contacts). Plan to wear a watch or bring a clock to go under the table. You cannot set a wristwatch on the table, it must go under the table or on your wrist. Parking: Arrive early, there is plenty of parking but the later you arrive the farther away you'll have to park. The parking lot is on a hill so if you have a rolling suitcase/wagon/crate/etc. be prepared to pull it up a hill toward the building. Lunch: There are lots of places outside and inside to eat lunch. There's a cafe on site but it may or may not be open. There are lots of fast food joints close by. I packed my lunch and ate with friends at a table outside in the sun, it was a nice break. I didn't want to risk leaving the site to get lunch, just in case. Security: The testing rooms were closed during lunch. You had to use your authorization and ID to get back in for the afternoon session. Don't leave your keys inside if you left your lunch in your car, I saw several people unable to get back in to get their keys and couldn't get into their cars during the break. Restrooms: There were only two restrooms and one of the ladies rooms was closed for some reason. The lines got a little long but luckily there's a lot more men who take this exam than women.
  9. What did you do differently the second time to pass, specifically breadth? I took WRE depth the second time and still failed. Going to re-take depth and add EET breadth, is there a better breadth option do you think?
  10. I'm hoping this is exactly my story. I took a local prep class for test try 1, EET depth for test try 2, and now leaning toward EET breadth and the free depth re-take for test try 3. Thank you for the input.
  11. I'm taking WRE depth again (for the third time) in April 2018 as well. Facebook group for support?
  12. This is probably not something that is in existence, but is the best way to understand the concepts and theory to just read the CERM? I've been taking the WRE exam though I majored in a different engineering discipline in college, so a lot of the material was new for me. I've failed twice now. Took an in-person review course offered by my university the first time, took EET depth the second time. I'm missing something and from the comments here I'm thinking it must be the conceptual stuff. Any advice for that?
  13. EET? School of PE? Testmasters? If you took any of the above prep/review classes for breadth and/or depth can you tell a little bit about the class you took? Online on-demand? In person classroom? Online webinar? The binder materials provided? First time or repeat test-taker? Quality of instructors? Thanks!
  14. Did you take the EET breadth review course also?
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