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  1. I'm a hardware engineer, and my major was in EE. Computer Engineering is a combination of hardware and software.
  2. I'm thinking about starting a handwritten card business on the side since I've got pretty good hand writing. Do people still send handwritten cards nowadays?
  3. I missed the April thread so can I just join in this one? Great. Thanks.
  4. Our boss gave us Monday off. Four day weekend!
  5. Untold Stories of the ER. Episodes are dramatized and each usually consists of a serious story, a funny story, and a weird story.
  6. Couldn't sleep the night before the exam due to loud music blaring from a building right across my hotel room. Maybe slept 3 hours. Got to the exam site just fine. Took my ID from my wallet and put in on my lap while I was sitting in the car so I wouldn't forget. Except, I forgot it was on my lap and I got out of the car and was waiting for the exam room doors to open. When the announcement happened that they will need to see ID and exam registration, I had a panic attack since I couldn't find my ID. Had a friend watch my stuff while I made my way to the car dizzy. As soon as I opened the car door, I saw the ID peeking out from the bottom of the seat. Luckily I didn't have to go searching for it. This was the most eventful moment of the day. Exam went fine. No issues with the exam site or anything else.
  7. I started my studying in November, so almost 6 months before the actual exam. Not sure how many hours I put into it. I took it kind of slow in the beginning and then studied more and more as I got closer, and then dwindled down my studying again a week or so before the exam to allow myself to relax mentally. I do think I studied too much compared to other responses here, but I passed (electrical), and that's all that matters. Thanks to everyone who provided and provides guidance in this community.
  8. I used the PPI practice problems book, the 6 minute solutions book, and the NCEES practice exam.
  9. I used the PPI practice problems book, the 6 minute solutions book, and the NCEES practice exam.
  10. Pretty much exactly what I did. I also borrowed some antenna/rf books. Youtube was also quite helpful.
  11. How do you see your score? I took it in Texas.
  12. Yay! I passed! The wait was so agonizing. Time to go celebrate!
  13. The women's bathroom line was pretty short compared to the men's after the morning section of the exam.
  14. I think I'm going to cook something to get my mind off this.
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