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  1. I got my BA in Political Science and History (lol) from UT in '08, BS in CE in '12, and MS in Structural Engineering in '13. So I was there the same time you were.
  2. I got my letter on June 11 as well, had the check in the mail on June 12... and radio silence. I'm getting antsy.
  3. StructuralVFL


    "...of which education is a part". This tells me it's 4 years of school (5 with masters) + 4 (3 with masters) years of experience.
  4. I managed to pass. I'm so freaking pumped that I am walking out the door and will return tomorrow. Maybe.
  5. StructuralVFL


    HA! Only took 6 minutes!
  7. Tennessee is out at 12:39 pm
  8. StructuralVFL


    This is the third time this has happened today (MD, WV, now CO). So for luck: There is no way that Tennessee is releasing their results today. I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow at the earliest.
  9. I took SoPE as well and thought the depth was terribly lacking (I'm civil structural, if that isn't clear). I don't know how I did yet (still waiting in TN). I was pleased with the prep for the morning, but I agree with you that they're severely lacking in the depth portion.
  10. StructuralVFL


    I emailed Wanda at the Department of Commerce and Insurance and she stated that the results should be posted today or tomorrow. So us Tennesseeans have a timeframe now.
  11. It is. It's exactly what she said to me as well
  12. If he sounds anything like Morgan Freeman that may do the trick.
  13. I just spoke with Kim and she said it's true. I'm the one who was yelling at trolls yesterday, fyi.
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