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  1. I think you have a shot at getting at least something back. I don't see any negatives to putting your name on the list. I once got $7 in a class action lawsuit regarding Vibram's FiveFinger shoes. They had previously predicted about $50 per pair purchased. Apparently, a lawyer successfully argued that the shoe's marketing team exaggerated the health and fitness benefits of the shoes. So anyone who bought up to two pairs of the shoes could enter the lawsuit without any proof of purchase. If you were claiming more than two pairs of shoes were purchased, you had to provide proof.
  2. Contrary to most of the other people who replied, I would suggest the breadth. Taking a course (School of PE, for me) helped me refresh all the other civil engineering disciplines that had fallen off my radar in the time between the FE and PE. I felt like it was a good use of my time and I didn't have to devote much additional study time towards those subjects. Also, I found that self-studying for the breadth section was way too overwhelming because there's just so much material that can be covered. It helped me to have some guidance on what the most commonly tested areas were. Also, it's a big confidence boost during the exam when you nail the morning session without frying your brain early-on. As for the transportation section, last year's test seemed heavily focused on design standard look-up problems. The classes that I took didn't really help with that, but every exam is different.
  3. What State are you applying in? It can be different from state to state. In my experience, Virginia required a lot more detailed documentation that Florida. A previous coworker of mine applied to take his PE exam in Virginia and was required to document his design experience down to the hour; however, he had an international BS so maybe that was part of his difficulty to get approved. I applied to take the exam in Florida and they mainly wanted to know my general work responsibilities and how many months and years I'd been doing each type of responsibility.
  4. Me too! I've been checking all week, but today's the day it became official.
  5. Quinoa salad with spinach, red onion, avocado, feta cheese, and lemon juice. Also, gummy bears to beat the 3 o'clock slump.
  6. We're still waiting in Florida. At least, I'm still waiting. Any other Floridians get their number yet?
  7. Hey guys! I'm late to the thread, but I'm runner (or at least trying to be a runner). About two years ago, I finally discovered a true love of running when I lived in Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was beautiful! I actually raced a 10k on the day before my wedding. Talk about forcing myself to train - I didn't want to limp down the aisle so I took my training very seriously. Unfortunately, we moved to Florida shortly after the wedding last summer and the heat has been killing my desire to run. Now, thanks to my sedentary work/study schedule during the months leading up to the PE exam, I've gained a few extra unwanted pounds so I signed up for a Disney Half Marathon next January. Anyone else working off those PE pounds? Leggo and RoadGuy, that overnight run sounds fun!
  8. I think getting a graduate degree is great if you know what sub-discipline you want to have a career in. I'm a little biased though - I got a masters and phd after undergrad. I had an assistantship while I was working on my masters, but I decided to work part time while pursuing my phd (I really wouldn't recommend that). If you want the degree, find a school that will pay for you to be a full-time student so you don't have to sacrifice your productivity at work or school. Plus, there are very few professors that will take on a part-time student - I learned that the hard way. Being on an assistantship will reduce your income though, so make sure you plan for that. Grad students don't live a life of luxury. Masters degrees will expose you to a lot of different areas within a specific sub-discipline. For example in a transportation program, you'll have courses such as geometric design, traffic flow theory, transportation planning, traffic safety, infrastructure/pavement design, etc. They're great and will help you become well-rounded, but as a designer you may only need to focus on one area. I heard many times that a MBA is more valuable to designers than a masters. I can't really speak much on that because I am focused in a different area, but it sounds reasonable to me.
  9. kpalframan

    Predictive Text

    From my work phone (punctuation added for clarity): "I don't think you can do that. The only one that problem is that the app is free and it doesn't work with the scanner."
  10. My firm offered a pay raise of about 5% upon receiving my passing score, however, the raise won't go into effect until next month when I will presumably receive my license number (Florida is slow to assign numbers). For the early test takers that aren't legally allowed to sign and seal plans yet, I'd recommend waiting until you can actually perform PE job duties before asking for a raise.
  11. I'm keeping my study materials (CERM, practice problems, School of PE notes), but mostly because my firm paid for the materials and they can be passed down to younger engineers who have to take the exam. As for the problems that I worked out on paper, I will probably end up ditching those pages whenever run out of empty binders.
  12. If anyone's interested, I created an index of references for the transportation PE exam (April 2017 cycle). I used it on a few problems to help me find information quickly. I hope others find it helpful, too. Feel free to add your own rows to make the document more comprehensive or to update the information for new editions of the references.
  13. Florida's website says it should take 8-10 weeks before we get our license numbers, however, I think my coworker go his well before then. Here's a link to the information:
  14. I felt that School of PE was good at preparing me for the Civil morning topics, except that sometimes I felt they presented problems that were way too complex for the morning session. I guess it worked though, because I finished the morning session in 3 hours and had a full hour to check my work.
  15. EIT at 21, PE at 30 (first try) 7.5 of my 9 years after the EIT were spent in grad school so I was used to studying/working all-day-every-day.
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