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  1. 48/80 Damn sooo close again it hurts. Made a 45/80 last time.
  2. I have a question about this problem. Theoretical power was given as 5000 MW how would you normally determine that? Would that be : P = (3|V_s|*|V_r|*sin lambda) / X
  3. @OhPowerPE Haha no worries...i am well accustomed to this new testing format and i will need to dive deeper to have a better chance next go around.
  4. You have a good point. I appreciate you input! I didn't see studying for the exam as a burden because I am learning a lot about the power industry and i take that as a positive. Oh WOW! That must have been tough to go through. Did you have to pay again the 4th time or were you reimbursed? Thank for the encouragement! I ended up fixing my weak areas and in turn, performed poorly on my strong areas so i am happy that i have improved and now i just need to be as in-depth on my strengths as i was on my weaknesses. In Texas they give you your grades and mine was a 67. I scored 46/80 and I am assuming they gave a +10 curve to your overall score. I really enjoyed your course Zach and it improved my grade from a 58 (self study) to a 67. This exam had a lot of problems that i had no idea what to do and some were down to two guesses and i guess i just didn't make the cut this time around. I will register and begin solving problems again July and that should give me 4 solid months to ready my self mentally for this attempt in the Fall.
  5. I recently failed with a 67:( 3rd try but i have progressively improved, 58,61 and now 67. I took all these exams back to back to back. Should i take time off (i feel like i will forget everything that i have learned) or should i shoot for the exam in the fall. Please advise based on your experience from multiple attempts. Thanks
  6. HotFudge


    Failed Power PE again Distraught
  7. I hope the questions i got wrong were the ones for research
  8. Welcome aboard. We are all in the same boat my friend
  9. HotFudge

    TX Results

    I had a jolt go through mine as well
  10. Any chance I could get this info on demand and energy calcs? Thanks
  11. Failed with a 41/80...bombed system analysis 1/10 and then 1/6 on measurement and instrumentation. I struggled in the exam on basic voltage drop problems and i have no idea what material i could possibly use to study for measurement and instrumentation.
  12. Together we will win this Fight! Everyone else passing makes me happy and overshadowed my sadness and i am more pumped to get back into the ring and face my opponent for the third round. Knock out
  13. Failed Power again OUCH!!
  14. Happy to hear man! Glad the hardwork finally paid off!
  15. Fellow Electrical here...Congrats!
  16. Likewise...i just went numb
  17. Instantly lost my appetite! Please Lord Help us all!
  18. Interesting i felt that way last exam and this time i feel like i solved way more problems than conceptualized ones. This exam was fair to be honest and i was under so much pressure from failing last time that i spent extra time on each problem making sure i didn't make a stupid mistake. I used up all the time on the exam this time so i will take that as a plus. Now we wait and have faith!
  19. I will be taking a deeper dive into said topics conceptually. Thanks! I felt like this past exam, there were alot of conceptual problems that i had to guess on and i would like to build those areas of weakness.
  20. Exactly! This is why i said the practice problems did not prep me for the exam (personally). I just wonder how people use same or even less material and are good to go. I do need to in-grain the concepts as this test covers only about an inch deep of the topics that are covered on the exam. I spent soo much time on fault analysis and all the methods to solve faults and got hit with the conceptual questions instead. My hand made binder had formulas and definitions sorted into their respective topics and i did not have much use for them since the conceptual questions all required a firm solid knowledge of the basics and without that you are pretty much doomed.
  21. So did you just self study on your previous attempts with CI and NCEES practice exams? I know a course will help structure me this time around i just need practice problems that i haven't done before to have a new look at subject matters that i struggled on. NEC codes i am having to learn from scratch but its been a great learning experience and new so i am enjoying that part.
  22. I am and I will! Thanks for y'll support day in and day out it means alot.
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