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  1. 48/80 Damn sooo close again it hurts. Made a 45/80 last time.
  2. I have a question about this problem. Theoretical power was given as 5000 MW how would you normally determine that? Would that be : P = (3|V_s|*|V_r|*sin lambda) / X
  3. @OhPowerPE Haha no worries...i am well accustomed to this new testing format and i will need to dive deeper to have a better chance next go around.
  4. You have a good point. I appreciate you input! I didn't see studying for the exam as a burden because I am learning a lot about the power industry and i take that as a positive. Oh WOW! That must have been tough to go through. Did you have to pay again the 4th time or were you reimbursed? Thank for the encouragement! I ended up fixing my weak areas and in turn, performed poorly on my strong areas so i am happy that i have improved and now i just need to be as in-depth on my strengths as i was on my weaknesses. In Texas they give you your grades and mine was a 67. I scored 46/80 and I am assuming they gave a +10 curve to your overall score. I really enjoyed your course Zach and it improved my grade from a 58 (self study) to a 67. This exam had a lot of problems that i had no idea what to do and some were down to two guesses and i guess i just didn't make the cut this time around. I will register and begin solving problems again July and that should give me 4 solid months to ready my self mentally for this attempt in the Fall.
  5. I recently failed with a 67:( 3rd try but i have progressively improved, 58,61 and now 67. I took all these exams back to back to back. Should i take time off (i feel like i will forget everything that i have learned) or should i shoot for the exam in the fall. Please advise based on your experience from multiple attempts. Thanks
  6. HotFudge


    Failed Power PE again Distraught
  7. I hope the questions i got wrong were the ones for research
  8. Welcome aboard. We are all in the same boat my friend
  9. HotFudge

    TX Results

    I had a jolt go through mine as well
  10. Any chance I could get this info on demand and energy calcs? Thanks
  11. Failed with a 41/80...bombed system analysis 1/10 and then 1/6 on measurement and instrumentation. I struggled in the exam on basic voltage drop problems and i have no idea what material i could possibly use to study for measurement and instrumentation.
  12. Together we will win this Fight! Everyone else passing makes me happy and overshadowed my sadness and i am more pumped to get back into the ring and face my opponent for the third round. Knock out
  13. Failed Power again OUCH!!
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