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  1. Civil Structural Fail - How to Pass?

    I need to change how I study and think. I'm bummed I failed. For the FE, I barely studied. I went through the practice exam once and passed easily. For the PE, it feels impossible at this point, but I'm trying not to get discouraged. Everyone eventually passes right?
  2. Civil Structural Fail - How to Pass?

    You don't sound bitchy at all. Lol. Thanks for the encouragement. I just hate to have to study all over again if I don't pass this time around. I get a promotion if I pass but it's nothing that's being pressured at work. It's more of my own ego that's killing me here. I'd say, I only know 1/3 of materials. The other 2/3, I've never done before in college, so it's a struggle trying to learn new stuff and try to do as many problems.
  3. Civil Structural Fail - How to Pass?

    As I'm starting to study once again, I'm just feeling very discouraged. Can I pass this exam? There are Structural Engineers who cannot pass and take it multiple times. Can someone like myself who doesn't practice Structural at work pass?
  4. Civil Structural Fail - How to Pass?

    You're right. I felt the 6 minute solutions were lengthy and not really like the ncees practice exam so I moved on. The practice exam I bought from ppi, I felt it was more accurately along with the ncees practice exam.
  5. Civil Structural Fail - How to Pass?

    I found a few books to be the best for me at studying so I kept to those few books only. I was using a couple of NCEES practice exam and Structural Depth Practice Exam from ppi by James Giancaspro. I tried some six minute solutions but didn't really find it helpful. I found these two books the most helpful. Some days, it took me two hours to understand and do one or two problems, so three months flew by and I didn't feel too comfortable. Overall, I thought the depth on the PE when I took it was doable, I just wasn't prepared enough. As for codes, I'm mostly familiar with AISC. Anything concrete was brand new to me. I've used NDS in college too. Most of the civil engineers at my work took the construction exam since our line of work doesn't really fall into any category. However, I decided to move from the pack and do structural which I find more interesting. Everyone thought I was crazy, and I do too. But I almost want to prove to myself I could pass it too since so many are afraid to go beyond the construction depth. Let me know if you need more information.
  6. I failed my first attempt at the Civil PE - Structural Exam this past April. A bit of background about me: I did not graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering or Structural. I am a Biological Engineer with a focus in structural systems. I've been working four years as an engineer in a field of its own, utility design. Therefore, I don't have much exposure to anything civil or biological. The reason I chose the structural exam was because I enjoyed learning and taking structural courses in college. I figured the other disciplines will bore me. I took steel, wood, and multiple analysis courses. Additionally, there are so many more resources to help pass the civil exam than the biological exam. My first attempt, I completely bombed. However, I think it wasn't too bad given that I do not work in the field and only studied 2.5 months prior to the exam. It was really tough studying because I wasn't familiar with the majority of breadth topics, but knew the depth was going to be hard so I focused most of my studies on the depth. Below is my diagnostics. I would love to get any help possible. I'll be taking the PPI course again soon. I took it the first time, but I was so focused on studying for the depth, that I did not pay attention. I am hoping the second time around will be a pass. Any tips for someone who is not in the field to pass the Civil Structural? Changing disciplines is not an option. My work already paid for the thousands of dollars in course and reference materials.
  7. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    I totally bombed the pe structural; 42/80 will study harder and more. I guess it's ok for someone who has never worked as a structural engineer
  8. any word on MN?

    Looks like the first guy who posted his results was out of the south, lakeville area.
  9. any word on MN?

    I hate to speculate but since the board said they sent all on Friday. I assume those who live in the St. Paul, Ramsey co, area probably got their letters before the rest of us??
  10. any word on MN?

    I called the board and all results were mailed last Friday. It's just a matter of when they'll arrive.
  11. any word on MN?

    My friend just got back to me. He was out of town this past weekend and got home late last night. He received his passing letter Saturday too. Makes me nervous that maybe the passing letters were mailed out first. He lives in the north suburbs and I'm right in minneapolis. Who knows...
  12. any word on MN?

    Do you guys think the passing notices were sent Friday and failing scores sent Saturday? I'm still waiting and we've only heard from one person who passed. In the passed, they have sent multiple rounds of mail notices.
  13. any word on MN?

    Finally today has come where the majority of us will find out our fate! It's been agony knowing most states released their results 5 days ago! Best wishes to everyone from MN!
  14. any word on MN?

    Awesome! Congrats!