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  1. Bump. Most of my books are still available. Message me for price!
  2. Send me a message. I have the majority of the books.
  3. My books are still available for sale!
  4. Message me for which books you’d like.
  5. I have various reference manuals for structural and construction for sale. They’re all new to gently used. I also have the PCI manual and the LRFD Bridgd Manual. Message me if interested in some of the books.
  6. On NCEES' website, they give you the passing rates and the number of people of first time test takers and repeat takers for each exam. You can then figure the overall passing rate for your exam.
  7. Don’t feel down. According to some of the Texas posts, this was an extremely hard exam! I think the cut score is around 46/47. That’s really low. I took structural last April, my 3rd attempt, and it was the hardest exam. You can do it. Just keep going at it. I highly recommended EET. Also, having done this 4x, there’s a bit of luck as well. It’s crazy how different each exam can be and you just never know what they’ll throw at you.
  8. I passed!!!! Fourth time and I finally passed. I’m overwhelmed with emotions and just revisiting my old posts. I attempted Structural 3x and failed each time. I finally switched to Construction this cycle and passed. I’m relieved. To those that didn’t pass, keep going. I had many dark lonely days where I wanted to give up . It’ll happen to you!
  9. mnguy88

    MN results

    Great job! I passed too!
  10. Pass rates just posted! Only a 44% overall passing rate for Construction! Congrats to all who passed and to those that didn’t, most of you are not alone!
  11. It’s an overall 44% passing rate for construction! That’s crazy!
  12. Waiting for MN too. Last cycle was the first time they let NCEES release electronically on the second day. Hopefully they do it again. MN usually sends results by snail mail first then releases scores online.
  13. Congrats! What did you think of the exam? The AM and PM sections?
  14. Last cycle was 51. However the past cycles have been consistent at around 56.
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