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  1. canadagoose

    Where do you guys work?

    Where do you guys work?
  2. canadagoose

    Please delete my account

    I have no idea what the demographics of that site are. It's slow to respond though.
  3. canadagoose

    Who do you think is hot when I said the word hot?

    I did but it's just that I happened to back and saw suhthing was zere.
  4. canadagoose

    Please delete my account

    oh man did you guys invade bellazon?
  5. canadagoose

    Please delete my account

    black ops is way less restrictive than this place even
  6. Any good movies lately that didn't suck?
  7. canadagoose

    Old-time client owes me $$$

    Don't even get me started. omg.
  8. canadagoose

    Salary & Home Affordability by State

    I dunno.
  9. My current faves are still the power kites that actually lift you off the ground during storms.
  10. You don't. Just go on instagram.
  11. Ok we're talking about models right?
  12. canadagoose

    Dumb LinkedIN Recruiter Email of the day thread...

    I mean that weird tall asian chick pushing her wedding ring forward. lol u think ur hot?
  13. canadagoose

    Taylor Swift

    huh. odd.
  14. I dunno if they know anything about cars though.