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  1. Beware of big consulting firms out there which are always hiring. They usually have a hiring & layoff season.
  2. I think it depends from company to company & industry to industry. I just got a 1000 $ bonus, thats it.
  3. I would suggest memorizing the basic formulas because you dont wanna be spending time to open the books for every formula. For the remaining, make a binder with whatever resources you have and use it when you practice. Being familiar with your notes/formula sheet is very important in the exam. P.S - I had printed out Engproguides formula sheets, made a condensed version of Zach's Electrical PE course formulas and used them for all my practice tests at home.
  4. There are no shortcuts in this exam. As far as I have read/heard from people every exam is different. You have to be prepared for anything that could be asked
  5. Only " Tom Henry Key word index" is available now, rest are sold
  6. Definitely @Zach Stone, P.E. Not sure if he will post his students pass rates but from I heard from all its definitely going to be high. I just took his course for 1 month and benefited a lot. Just go for it.
  7. Agree with you completely. I rarely see someone failing with 30s, mostly people get too close to passing and as you mentioned every single question in the exam is important so one should skip those difficult ones and focus on getting the easier ones correct. Often we spend time on difficult questions and neglect the easy ones & end up doing simple mistakes.
  8. When does NCEES post this ? Waiting to see it, I feel its gonna increase this time. I see so many Zach's students passing including me, I wonder what is his students pass rate. Seems to be very high.
  9. I have listed some of the books I used for the exams on ebay in below links. PM me for more details or discount if you buy all of them
  10. Glad to see so many people have passed. I believe that pass % is probably gonna go up this time
  11. I am creating this so that everyone who have passed can write their experience that can help others preparing for the exam. I started preparing for this exam back in December 2018 by reviewing Graffeo for the whole month, it really helped me refresh some of the concepts that I had studied in school. Overall very good book. I started putting more hours starting January 1st, roughly around 20-25 per week. I reviewed Wildi for important topics like Transformers, Machines etc as all of you know how great the book is in explaining those difficult concepts. Then I started learning NEC and others codes as I had never used NEC at my work before. I recommend spending some time doing Code drills from books like Complex Imaginary code drill book. It really helped me familiarize with the topics in the book. Next I completed the Complex Imaginary practice tests (all 4 ), even though the tests are simple, it helped me avoid those simple mistakes that many of us tend to do. It was around February end that I wasn't feeling confident about the exam and I decided to join the ElectricalPE review course by @Zach Stone, P.E.. I don't mind saying, I wouldn't have passed if I hadn't joined the course for a month. It was a good confidence booster as I was scoring 80-90% on all his quizzes. He did a great job putting his course together & really explains everything very clearly. His practice problems are great and his review manual was my Go-to book in the exam.I highly recommend taking his course. Lastly in the last few days I spent some time reviewing Power system Protection topics from various textbooks and did the NCEES practice test as well. During the exam I mostly used Zach's notes & Graffeo. I wasn't very confident when I walked out of the exam thinking I got around 55-56 correct but glad to see the result today.
  12. Don't lose hope. It is not the end of the world and this exam really doesn't make you a better engineer. You were really close to passing & probably those guesses of yours didn't turn out to be correct so its okay. Good luck for the next time.
  13. I have read few times in the forum that if someone gets the survey its because they've failed. Is it True ? Can anyone who got the survey & passed confirm this ?
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