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  1. I have read few times in the forum that if someone gets the survey its because they've failed. Is it True ? Can anyone who got the survey & passed confirm this ?
  2. It was my first attempt for the PE exam and I started preparing back in December. I think i have put around 400 hrs since then. Everything was going well and i was pretty confident about the exam. I got laid off along with others , a day before the exam as my company shut down the office due to downturn in business. That did affect my mental status going into the exam but I am not sure to the extent that I will fail because of it. I did straight guesses for 7 questions in the morning and around 6 in the afternoon. I agree with most of you above that the questions weren't tough but needed some critical thinking to eliminate the wrong answers. I think I will pass if my educated guesses end up being correct.
  3. I started taking valerian root tablets and changing my schedule to wake up early like the Exam day. I dont know if I will fall asleep tomorrow night though.
  4. Yeah I actually printed out back in December I believe and used 2015 version of NFPA 70E which my coworker used for the April 2018 exam. Thanks again for posting it here or else I would have taken the 2015 version
  5. I am taking Power electronics by Daniel Hart with me. I didn't get enough time to go over it but I will still take it. Its not that difficult to read and find out stuff.
  6. Since the NCEES sample exam has a question on finding the rms value, I am taking this with me just in case. If there is something better let me know
  7. That's interesting. Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't know they could change the versions this close to the exam, anyways I will print out the 2018 version for the exam
  8. Can anyone explain why we're supposed to consider feeder impedance includes Line and neutral impedance values ? I end up multiplying by 2 whenever I see single phase Voltage drop problems.
  9. I used this book during school & its easy to read as well. But did that chapter alone help ? I will give it a read this weekend again
  10. Messi

    Exam day

    Good idea, I will. I know for sure I wont be able to sleep normally due to exam and new place i.e Hotel.
  11. Messi

    Exam day

    Haha I agree with you. So 1/2 cup it is ! Thanks :)
  12. Messi

    Exam day

    I am planning on having Nyquil to fall asleep on the night before the exam :p
  13. Messi

    Exam day

    Thanks for the info. Yes I was planning on putting the paper behind the plastic.
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