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  1. I would be designing and validating products based on my simulation work (FEA,CFD,modal an., etc).
  2. Thanks blybrookPE for sharing these points. I was completely unaware of the possible taxes and legal problems. Now, as I understand, it is up to me how much and in what way (hourly, monthly, etc) I should charge. Do you have any advice regarding this? Also, is it recommended to register a company or is it a better idea for me to be hired as an individual? Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I have just completed an internship with a local company which involved performing FEA/CFD analyses and other work for them. At the end of my internship my supervisor expressed that he is very impressed with my work etc etc, and that he would definitely want me to come back and do more work for them in the future (in the next coming months), but as a contractor (so he could pay me more for my work). How do I go about doing this? Would I need to register a company? How much should I charge? What is commonly done: charge per hour, per job? Here is a little about myself: Got my final degree two years ago in Mechanical Eng. Have some prior industry experience, and fair amount of academic research experience Currently teach engineering at a local university Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses. I guess I have a lot to think about now!
  5. Hello everyone, I am a recently graduated mechanical engineer with a PhD focused on numerical modeling of Thermal/Fluid systems. I have been lately entertaining the idea of starting an engineering consulting business which focuses on providing Computational Fluid Dynamics services to private companies (perhaps government too?). I would be starting a 2-owner LLC with another mechanical engineer (also PhD graduate plus 1.5 years CFD Post-Doc experience). We both have extensive academic experience and some industry experience (internships). So here are my concerns: 1) I currently live in Lubbock, TX and to my knowledge no company in town would require the services my company would be offering. I understand that moving to another city even within the state of Texas (Dallas, Houston, etc.) would bring me into close proximity to large companies that could make use of CFD-related services. Nontheless, moving would deprive me from my current stable source of income. Also, I have free office space in town. Is physical proximity to my clients a concern? Can most business functions be done via phone, Email, etc? It seems somewhat reckless to move to a larger city just to fail. What do y'all think? I do not mind traveling to meet clients. 2) I am considered a minority. Would it be advisable to obtain a MBE certification for my company? Will it facilitate finding initial clients? The certification costs money which I would not like to spend if I do not have to. 3) My friend and I both have a good deal academic research experience in CFD and computation, plus internships in industry. Is it a good idea for people with our experience level venture into something like this? Please let me hear what you experts have to say. Thanks!
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