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  1. Texas here. 2nd attempt. Failed with a 48/80. Feel bummed at the moment. I utilized NCEES practice exam, Zachs course, Eng pro guides and was really doing well on all the practice exams and homework averaging the 80's. I did not feel that this exam was reflective of my knowledge base and substantially increased in difficulty from Oct 17 Exam. I received the exact same score in Oct 17 but I know that my knowledge base has substantially improved. I will have to find a way to improve moving forward. The problem is that I honestly don't know what to do different or how to improve. A chunk of the exam questions seemed so out of left field, the study materials will not prep you for them. Here's to things improving moving forward.
  2. Hey Guys how do you think y'all did today? I'm just here to vent a little. Was it just me or did any else feel completely unprepared for this exam?? I was averaging 80's-90's on all section reviews. I took the NCEES official exam and got an 83. I walked out today feeling completely blindsided. I feel confident in saying that I completely guessed on about 30% of the exam and was unsure about an additional 20%. A majority of the questions seemed completely out of left field compared too all the studying I did from Zach's PE Review, official ncees, complex, graffeo. Honestly I feel a bit disgruntled. I try to be self-aware and I feel that I have a solid grasp on the fundamentals, and excelled in university, but this test kicked my ass. I truly felt that I prepared as well as I could have. The practices test and programs felt worthless compared to this exam. Am I just being dramatic here? If anyone who took it this October can give me some perspective it would be much appreciated.
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