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  1. Who wants to sell me their Mansour books?! 😆
  2. You and me. Geez. You gonna take a course next time? I may look into EET.
  3. What class did you use for survey? Assuming you took a class.
  4. Dude me too. Can’t believe how long it’s taking. How am I supposed to work?! Haha
  5. Man I dunno. In the past I’ve seen within an hour or two. Going on 3 now...😭
  6. Oh man...the suspense is killing me!!! Now to wait an hour for survey!!!
  7. I took the CPESR class. In hindsight, I would have spent my money somewhere else.
  8. Yeah I was not pleased with the quality of the book provided and the study material from CPESR. Very scattered and not at all well put together. Plus it sounds like it was supposed to be tabbed which it wasn’t. Granted I made my own tabs, but don’t say it has them and then not include them. I also agree about the problems being so different. I was expecting traverses/curves/leveling. Instead there was a ton of theory and questions on equipment...
  9. Yes I realize it’s early to begin discussing the results of the December survey exam (since results for Nov just came out this week). But how is everyone feeling that has taken it so far? How do you think you did? Think I had ~30 that I nailed...10-12 I felt pretty good about...and 8-10 I straight guessed on as I ran outta time...again...
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