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  1. I failed both CA exams in April after self studying. Then I took EET’s seismic and surveying class and passed this last round. For seismic I felt overly prepared, which was great. Surveying was a little different. I followed their study outline but still left feeling like it was a toss up. I’m sure their surveying class will only get better since it’s new but I did feel it was lacking. Especially when compared to the seismic class
  2. Can anyone who took the EET review course this year comment on how prepared they felt for the actual exam? Whether that was the Spring or Fall exam. I took EET’s seismic class and felt that they knocked it out of the park with preparing me but at this late hour I don’t feel quite as confident about the surveying class.
  3. I added ASCE 7-10 and the Geotechnical Engineer's Portable Handbook to my arsenal. My test strategy is going to be to answer all the number questions first and then go back to dig for conceptual questions based on ones that are familiar first and completely new last. Thanks for the feedback The portable handbook seems awesome. I'm going to tab the hell out of it and hopefully fill in some blanks in my current studies
  4. I think I'm going to order the portable handbook since I've read people recommending it quite a bit. Doesn't it get too cluttered having all those texts with you? I honestly can't imagine having the time to be able to refer to all of those or know which has that one piece of information. But I am the amateur here so I could definitely be wrong.
  5. School of PE Geotech Breadth/Depth Notes CERM That's basically it unless you count the aforementioned NCEES practice exam I plan on bringing with me on exam day.
  6. I bought and took the NCEES geotechnical practice exam (October 2014 printing) this weekend. I set a timer and tried to replicate the test environment as much as possible. I scored a 90% on the AM portion but only a 57.5% on the PM for an overall score of 73%. The conceptual questions on the PM portion are what's killing me from what I can tell. Any recommendations for another geotechnical PM reference that I should get? Or should I stick to other editions of past NCEES practice tests? I've read that Goswami is supposed to be real good. Thanks again for the advice everyone.
  7. Hi all, I'm taking the PE for the first time in April 2017. I studied structural engineering so I don't have much experience with a lot of the different topics. My coworkers all advised I take the Geotech depth because that was apparently easier than most and they all took that (we do structural precast). I am taking the School of PE on demand course and am almost through all the videos. So far it's been really good and I feel like I have a really solid understanding of all the different topics. I will be taking practice tests (need to buy some) in the next two weeks or so. The geotech depth videos I have found are very lacking. The instructor is hard to understand and is not very good. He just reads walls of text and then proceeds to solve complex examples. It is the first time in the course that I have felt overwhelmed by the content. Can any of you attest to the difficulty of the geotech depth in your experiences? I have a feeling that the course I am taking over prepares you and the depth questions are very difficult on purpose. But the solutions take this guy a good 5 minutes on average and he's an expert so I can't imagine how slow I will be if I can even solve them. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks
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