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  1. Thanks! I actually had this posted in a load of forums but yours (Supe) is until now the best guess. I have actually read other comments concerning an oil cooled alternator, haven't had a chance to check if that is correct yet...
  2. Hi, I’m making a training tool/website to help people learn about engineering, but I’ve got a bit of a problem. I was working on 3D model of an engine and labelling parts etc. but there is one piece whose function I do not known (see below image). I’ve asked around but no one I know seems to know what it is. The second below image is a close-up. This is what I do know: • Lit is belt driven so it turns (possibly centrifugal filter?). • The pulley is small so it turns fast. • There seems to be a connection to the lube oil sump. • There are jubilee clips so it is easy to remove (which again points to some sort of filter). So, does anyone know what it is? Item ‘2’ on the below image is for a lube oil filter (probably, informed guess), so why would they have a secondary filter on the suction side of the lube oil system (assuming that it is a filter and it is related to the lube oil system)? The model can be found at the link below, it is interactive so you can zoom in to get a better look etc. http://www.3d-knowledge.com/full-screen-four-stroke-combustion-engine.html Any help is welcomed!!!
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