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  1. The Florida Board of Professional Engineers website states the following: *** ATTENTION NEW LICENSEES AFTER APRIL 2017 *** If you obtained your PE license by examination in Florida AFTER the April 2017 exam cycle, you are only required to pay the fee to renew your license. You do not need to complete the 18 hours of continuing education for this renewal cycle. However, effective with the 2019-2021 biennium, you will be responsible for completing your continuing education hours and paying the renewal fee to successfully renew your license. If you have any questions about renewing your license, please call us at (850) 521-0500 and select “Renewal” to speak to a representative, or email renewal@fbpe.org. I received my license in December 2017. When I read the statement above I take it to mean that I do NOT need CEs when my license renews in February 2019, but I will need them when I renew in 2021 (and every renewal period after that). When I inquired through the board if my comprehension of the topic was correct, I received the following response: "Hello David, You will be required to complete continuing education for this renewal." I replied to this individual by pasting the website copy and asking her if I was misinterpreting what it appears (at least to me) to say. Here was the response I received to that. "Hello David, You took your exam in Oct. and your license you license was set for 2019. You were license during the renewal period." What the what???? I don't even understand what that means. Am I just a knucklehead who can't grasp what the website is trying to tell me?
  2. Honestly, unless you have a problem with dry mouth or some other condition, you'll likely not miss it. And in those cases, I'd assume they'd have to make an exception for valid medical conditions. I purposefully didn't drink during the test so I wouldn't have to use the restroom. Every second counted for a slow poke like me.
  3. Not necessarily. At my site we used long tables (I'm guessing 6' or so - one person to each table) and there was enough room beside you to store books on the floor without them being in the aisle. All depends upon the location and whether they enforce the "under table" rule. I started out nice an organized and by the end of each test session my area looked like a bunch of books arranged a swinger party.
  4. Did not realize the pencil's aren't usually two-toned. Good to know! Not that the color matters to me - that pencil was getting memorialized even if it was bright pink with sparkles and a pom-pom at the end.
  5. Got my certificate framed and was happy with the results (kind of). The pencil had an ugly wire holding it in place, and was crooked. Did a little surgery and fixed the issues. 1st pic shows the frame as received, 2nd pic shows post surgery. I would have liked to have shown the date on the pencil, but the way it was printed with respect to the clip made that difficult.
  6. Update - just received a text from the framing store with a pic of my pencil. They found it. Hooray! I’ll post a pic of the frame once I get it.
  7. I get your reasoning. If it were me though, I'd go ahead and get the FE out of the way, regardless of the future probability of getting the PE. If anything, once you obtain your FE, that can serve as an impetus to go the extra mile (or ten) to get your PE. It will be a much easier decision to know you only have one test to tackle vs. two. Some people though may prefer to take them back to back since a lot of the info will be fresh and transferable. Whatever works. Maybe you already have, but you need to check your state's application requirements. In Florida you only need a "practicing engineer" to vouch for your work experience on the application, and they don't have to be your supervisor/manager, just someone who worked with you and was in a position to verify the quality and performance of your work. However, your personal references (3 total) must be PEs to sit for the test in Florida. I sat for the FE my junior year, never thinking in a million years I'd have a need for or want a PE. Man it felt great getting my pass notification knowing that was the last certification test I'd ever take in my life. Oh how wrong I was! I graduated mechanical too, and PEs just aren't prevalent in the world of manufacturing/component design. After being in my field of aircraft component design for 6 years, I wanted to better my career by obtaining my PE, but like you, I didn't work with enough PEs to satisfy the initial application requirements (we only had one PE at my employer). I also knew being licensed wouldn't help me if advance if I stayed in my particular field, since Florida statutes don't require a PE if you're a full time employee of a corporation and your practice of engineering is limited to the design or fabrication of manufactured products and the servicing of those products. However, for someone doing mechanical design/consulting work who isn't under the protective umbrella of a company, I would think being licensed is an absolute must. It seems as if that's the road you're going down at this particular moment. My advice would be to get in with a company whom you know employs multiple PEs that you would have ready access to. That's what I did, but I had to switch fields into Civil to do so. That gave me immediate access to three more PE's, and just 6 months after switching jobs, I was able to apply for my PE with the required sign-offs. I'd be really careful about doing freelance design work for companies without a license. Granted, fines are much more prevalent in the field of Civil, but all one needs to do is search the disciplinary section of their state board's website to see that the fines for practicing without a license can be really stiff.
  8. Why hold off on taking the FE? I’d get that out of the way as soon as possible if you plan on taking the PE.
  9. Excellent thought - no contractors involved though. New owners are doing the work themselves.
  10. Nope - the certificate is there. However, when I asked them to locate the certificate for me so I could compare it to some matting, the certificate was just floating in a drawer and not in its envelope. I then asked them to locate the envelope since it had the pencil within it, and it was located in a pile of stuff elsewhere, sans pencil. The new owners are remodeling the store, so everything's a mess right now. I couldn't have chosen a worse time to get work done at this place. I should have just walked out when the mention of old/new owner transition came up. Ultimately, I take responsibility for not having better spidey senses!
  11. Appreciate the condolences guys. I'll get over it, just disappointing. I really have no recourse against the shop such as leaving a bad online review - no sense in punishing the new owners for something their predecessor did. The old owner did say I will not owe anymore $$ when I come pick it up, so I will only be in it for my 50% down payment. Still - I'd rather pay the $$ and have my stinkin pencil framed. I feel silly talking that way about a pencil, but I feel as if we really went through some trying times together. Ha.
  12. October 2017. I wouldn’t want anyone to part with theirs, and wouldn’t accept it if they were willing. It just wouldn’t be the same as framing the instrument that was my intimate partner during those hellish eight hours, you know?
  13. Ugh. As the title states, I intended to get my $600 pencil framed with my certificate. Unfortunately, the local framing store I chose was transitioning from the old owner to a new owner. The existing owner assured me they would complete my project before the transition. Four weeks go by and I call wondering what's taking so long (was told it would be 2-3 weeks). The new owner said the old owner lost my work order, and I guess my phone number with it, since I never received a call. So I visited the shop today to re-pick out the frame and mats, only to find that my NCEES pencil I had left in the hard envelope with the certificate was now missing. Sucks to lose that piece of memorabilia that was such a vital part of the experience. Oh well, just needed to vent.
  14. Much appreciated @ruggercsc I will definitely post back with my experience. After I nearly killed myself preparing for the PE during hours when sane people had long since gone to bed, I'm hoping this study experience will be much more relaxed. I know the PMP exam is no walk in the park, but I don't plan on putting in the same effort I did for the PE. I'm thinking closer to 35-45% of PE effort - hopefully that will be enough.
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