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  1. Not an architect, thus it can't be personal. Simply educating you. There was no debate here.
  2. how cute. Still can't figure out how those tricky adjectives work? hint: "Architectural" is an adjective in "Architectural Engineer"
  3. Think of it this way, "failure is not an option" and the only time you fail is when you simply give up!
  4. i didn't take the one you mentioned. never even heard of it. But i think i bought an older edition for like 10 bucks. i'm sure its mostly the same
  6. there was a question that SPECIFICALLY was in a scientific dictionary. It was nowhere else and i brought a huge crate of books! From the wording in the definition you could come up with the equation you needed. I'm sure there'll be another similar question
  7. Camara book. Graffeo. Dictionary. NEC. NESC i was very upset that i ended up guessing multiple questions but later found out that nearly IDENTICAL questions were on the Graffeo book. Some fools might suggest just bring the NESC index and you'll be fine. I say ignore them.
  8. Not everyone has this book and not everyone willing to help (who does) has this book handy. I suggest you take a screenshot and post the problem and solution
  9. have the civil exams become super hard now? having this type of book seems like overkill. CERN itself seemed like overkill
  10. I think i saw you last october. no worries, you'll get it this time!
  11. it's simply conceptual. The total amount of energy is a sum. if you work out the numbers using V and I you'll see that S is ALWAYS the same whether they are parallel or series.
  12. although, like some persons have said, it'd be nice to go in and get a feel for the test, it'd probably wouldn't make sense to do so for two reasons: - when you fail it is a huge downer and not good for your confidence - the difference between test questions will be so broad (from one sitting to the next) that taking it this time wouldn't even make sense.
  13. spidey senses were right
  14. i have a mechanical state exam in a few days. should be easy, but i really hope i'm sucessful! so i'm kinds in thr same boat as you
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