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  1. Hello all, yes I am still alive, Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. @vhab49_PE I am still around, sort of... Too busy and unmotivated to spam, plus the one getting shut down just before the end last time rubbed me the wrong way. On a positive note, my birthday is coming up on the 19th so I keep getting all these emails from restaurants I signed up for that have specials and free food for me the next few weeks!
  3. Just to toss this in there, this was a good example that we found of what we may consider trying to include. The fact that it is a wooden structure meant we had a good chance of getting materials donated or at cost and then we could do the labor ourselves with ease.
  4. It took me a solid 10 minutes I think to figure out why in the world I wasn't able to reply to a thread I started or create a new one in a random subforum I picked just to check if it was working. I thought I did something wrong on here to get permissions removed or something lol. I now know, and remember, that it gets locked down for test day/weekend which I didn't even realize we already made it to that time of year again! (Happy test taking anniversary to anyone else who took it in April 2017) To stay on track... Happy Friday.
  5. We honestly haven’t taken it that far yet and it’s also the last piece to the park so it isn’t 100% guaranteed to be included (or at least not by our class). We still need to make sure we can raise the funds needed for everything else first (plastic play structures, musical equipment, swing with harness, rubber surfacing, etc). I do appreciate the suggestions though and things for us to consider/plan as we progress through this.
  6. I’ve never thought anything like this through before or paid any attention to it, it’s all new to me. I don’t know the rules for an S.E., had a feeling that a structure with multiple people on it would require someone to make sure it’s properly designed and supported. I will look into it more though especially if there is a size threshold before requiring it. Obviously there has to be a line somewhere, you can’t just put up a pedestrian bridge or a high rise building without it being stamped. I could see random Joe Citizen building his homemade fort or tree house for 2 kids in the backyard and just go with his best judgement, but dozens of kids over years of time in a public place seemed like engineering approval to me. I guess I just assumed any play structure including mass produced forts and play equipment could go through all that due diligence and help prevent lawsuits from a possibly poor and life dangering design.
  7. I'm not a S.E. which is what I anticipate would be needed. I do plan to try and find someone local, but don't have any contacts so it will be more of a cold call or email scenario on a few attempts. I thought reaching out here wouldn't hurt though and gave it a try.
  8. I can go into more details later or in private, but I’m going to try and keep the initial post short. I work for a small city in Texas and the City Chamber of a Commerce does a leadership school every few years where they get a dozen or so people that work inside the city in various ways (bankers, realtors, government employees, school district, college, etc) to meet each other, learn about different organizations and parts of the system, and gain leadership experience. Ideally these are younger to middle age future leaders within the community. This year I am 1 of 15 members in the class and we just finished up our last of like 8 monthly sessions to learn from. What remains is our class project which we decided is to raise funds and build an inclusive playground at an existing City park. (Inclusive meaning special abilities and wheelchair accessible equipment included). While small, our City seems to come together and make generous donations to useful projects like this especially when involving the children. Pretty much the last piece of equipment that we are interested in including is some custom 2 story playhouse likely made of wood. The size may be about 10x12ft or larger and it has yet to be designed. It would include an ADA ramp to reach the 2nd floor. I am making this thread because I anticipate that this fort/playhouse is going to require a structural engineer to sign off on the final design which will hopefully be drawn by a local or semi-local drafter/architect. I am trying to see if this is something that someone here might take on for us if needed. We haven’t yet reached a point to consider budget since the design isn’t even started on the structure, but we would be hoping for someone to do this at a very reduced rate since it is being funded by donations and for a great cause. In other words, we can’t really justify or afford a $5000 contract or something just for the engineering review and stamp. Perhaps something like this isn’t too time consuming or much work to approve though. If anyone is interested in learning more and possibly helping out our group and class project, please respond or message me and we can go into more detail. A phone call may end up being the best way to start. Thank you for your consideration!
  9. New to the thread, figured I’d start out strong with County Prison food! We visited the courthouse and a few places which included eating the same lunch the prison was having, but in a conference room during a presentation. A few inmates (trustees) helped serve. Chicken patty, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, biscuit, and apple crisp. Everything turned out pretty decent even though the cost per meal is like $0.90 they said ($2.65 or so per person per day for 3 meals).
  10. Only been once for 2 or 3 days and the couple key spots I remember were: Mardi Gras World to tour a big warehouse where giant parade floats are both stored and created, Cafe Du Monde where you stand in a long line for beignets, Pat O’Briens for hurricanes and pretty good food, obviously walking around Bourbon St (which is quite dirty so don’t wear your favorite shoes), and I believe we also went to the WWII museum. Sorry that walking around is the only physical aspect of these suggestion, but still should be a decent time if you check any of them out.
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